4 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS returned from Osaka to Gimpo after CRI SHOW III_20150511”

  1. Dear Tenshi and eels, just want to share that there is a voting in Korean-wave.com right now for South Korea actor talent rankings, Korea Drama ranking, and Korea Drama ranking 2015.
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    • To everyone here,
      I feel so sorry and hesitate to tell you as you’re devoting your time to these ranking, but this website is not run by a company, I suppose. The owner has made many rankings to draw attentions from fans, perhaps because of earning money from web advertisements. If the number of visitors is huge, the ad sponsors want to pay for the website. The owner uses a very similar name of one of Japanese Korean entertainment magazines. So many are easy to misunderstand that this ranking is run by the company, but it isn’t. Especially for eels who don’t read Japanese, it’s hard to know they haven’t mentioned any details of rankings such as the organizer, period and so on. I think it’s just a website made by a person to get money. They use fans’ devotion in a wrong way…. Of course, you can still vote for these rankings. It’s your choice. But please be careful about these websites.

  2. Thanks for sharing these images. It feels great to see him in good condition and with smile on his eyes. ;))


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