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    • Dear Granny Sudie,

      Hello there! I hope you dont mind my addressing you this way as i am also hoping you get to read this at the same time.

      Since im still in the process of catching up (a newbie to Sukkie world -that is) and trying to read back a handful of your archives here, i’ve come across one of your precious blogs mentioning your being a grandmother.

      Learning about it just gives me a more discerning insight of what kind of a person Sukkie is…. Having someone from your age group to admire him is such a compelling statement already. That there must be something very special about this young guy to be able to draw attention not just from the youthful fans but from moms and grannies most especially….

      I only pray and hope that every EEL from around the globe can sustain the unconditional LOVE and SUPPORT they give not only to our dear Sukkie but to Kaori (Tenshi and Kaori are the same person???) too and her entire team. Such dedication, devotion, commitment – name it and they have it all just for Jang Keun Suk…

      God bless always and Happy Mother’s Day ma’am

      • My real name is Kaori. tenshi_akuma means my blog ID. Tenshi means angel in English. Akuma means devil in English. So please don’t call me Akuma XD hehehe

      • Hi again Kaori,

        this is FUN!!! And let me tell you im really enjoying it – tremendously! Imagine your surprising unexpected response (almost on real time no less).

        Anyway, yup i have somehow read somwhere about the ” tenshi akuma thing ” with how you came up with the name. And that made me wonder why the name choice.

        Well the tenshi name is good – in fact very very good because as you have said the word means Angel (a positive connotation). You’re certainly living to that very name because you are the EELS guardian archangel (thats saying with all my sincerity Tenshi) but why akuma (so so very negative and creepy connotation)?

        I know you have your own reasons but it just doesnt seem right…. For one it surely does not suit your personality the way i so far see you as a person here and for another thing – honestly speaking its plain and simply UGLy! Its like gives you a negative energy…

        Nevertheless, we love you Tenshi – regardless. You are what you are to us after all. Lets not just say the other name, maybe hihihi..

        Take care always and God bless

      • Tenshi and Akuma (Angels & Damons) is a set of words. Like his monochrome theme, there are two sides; black and white, light and shadow. Suk before described himself using ‘tenshi and akuma’ sometimes. And there are many lyrics using tenshi and akuma in his songs. So I usually don’t use my ID ‘tenshi_akuma’ separately. But my friends call me tenshi as it’s common for them 🙂

      • Uy, you really are very much around today – i like it! Arent you watching his concert?

        Okay now i get a better understanding of the idea. So its really like Sukkie like Tenshi, huh? Both of you think quite alike just like that old saying that goes ” birds of the same feather flock together”. Does it sound familiar to you? It simply means people who share many things in common are naturally drawn to each other’s company. Hopefully im making sense here because i dont know anymore how to further explain it.

        I can tell that Sukkie and you yourself are smart people. One proof of that is when he chose your tweet in one of his events ( sorry cant recall the event right now) with you referring to a decision he has made – ” you’re choice is not wrong. Im sure. You’re sure too “. Did i accurately put it ? Sukkie is a no non sense guy. He is actually a very astute young entrepreneur himself. What and where he
        is today could speak for itself in the midst of all his struggles along the way. Isnt that very impressive and very interesting of him?

        As for your case, you have mentioned before what a busy life you equally have and yet you still find time for your own share of Sukkie moments for the rest of his Sukkie EELs’ benefit. Cant you call it an achievement for itself?

        And as for me, i think im done and have to say bye for now. Ive been talking here all day and maybe getting you bored by this time. See how much i have missed Jang Keun Suk?

        Take care and Happy Mother’s Day to your dear Mom

  1. Let me also take the opportunity to greet Zoe here because i didnt get to reply to her anymore the last time.

    Hi Zoe! Do you still remember me? So sorry no longer able to answer your question a couple of weeks back?

    Anyway, to refresh you a little bit, you were asking what i meant by my last 2 liners including that one which goes like ” mana lang siguro sayo si Sukkie ”

    First of all, yes i think i got you mixed up with someone i thought i already knew.. So you are not a Filipina like me and i apologize for my using tagalog (our Philippine language) with you. Second of all, i was saying there, that since Sukkie is an attractive person (a beautiful person inside and out – i think) it automatically follows that his EELS are lookers as well. Dont you think so, too Zoe?

    Well, thats all for now and its really great blog sharing with you guys. For as long as we got Sukkie in common, everything will go into place as we all just have ONE common ultimate aspiration for him – HAPPINESS SUCCESS SAFETY…

    Best regards!

    • Hi Baby! Of course I remember you. 🙂 Yes, I agree, all eels are beautiful like their boss. 😉

      I`m from Norway. Thank you for your kind words under the fan-cam post. I don`t know what to say. I just admirer Sukkie both as a person and as an artist, and can`t get enough of him. I`m always grateful to Tenshi, Hazy and other devoted eels who translate for us, record and upload his inteviews and TV-shows, make fan videos, and film his departures and arrivals at airports.

      It`s about 2:30 p.m. in my country. I guess it`s evening in Philippines. Have a nice Sukkie evening, Baby (as we sometimes say here)! 😀

  2. thanks for the pics ,I was missing him very badly and when I saw the pics yesterday 8 of May an bit I cry and I thought uhhh I miss an person ho don`t know me …bless you .

  3. my dear friend ,you are a real tenshi. i dont think other idoal have someone like you. we( oversses eels ) are so lucky maybe many of us don’t have a chance to see him and appear in his concerts or other events or even see his DVDs but with jangkeunsukforever.com we can feel them.Thanhs tenshi for everythings.


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