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    • And since we’re already on the subject, can the Actor Jang Keun Suk please come forward and hear his dear Eels out?

      They (me included) are desperate to see you acting once again at least in a new drama.

      Don’ t you think it’s about time to consider entertaining acting project offers? Not all Eels have the chance to go see you during
      your concert tours for one thing… We miss you a lot for quite sometime now our dear Siukkie……

      • here’s more for you to read sissies so that you will understand his situation in SK…..

        A sister of ECI shared an article. She met a Korean eel, she asked him things regarding Sukkie. After the talk, she understood South Korean society & showbiz more. In order not to lead to conflict or misunderstanding, she skipped names of other artists or companies, but only summarized Sukkie’s part.
        “The viewer ratings of BM in South Korea is low, is it because Korean people hate Jang Keun Suk?” She asked. “Absolutely not true!” the eel said: “Korean culture is difficult to explain, very conservative, so not a lot of Korean people accept and understand the unique expression of JKS. JKS has always shown his real personality directly, that Korean people are not used to; they expect celebrities to be modest and quiet. Nevertheless, the eel said: “Jang Keun Suk’s popularity in Korea is undoubted! He is absolutely a big star.” “Ppl recognize his talents, in fact, some Korean male stars will want to copy his style!”
        The eel also said JKS’s dramas such as “Love Rain” and “Beautiful man” does not meet the Korean appetite. Korean people like strong, sensational stories. Once Korean have a stereotype, it is not easy to change it. Jang Keun Suk started acting since a very young age, so people are less able to accept him into “adult” look. Korean people like the little humble & quiet JKS, cannot accept this straightforward JKS now!
        Korean showbiz, especially those big entertainment companies know JKS is very popular overseas, they are jealous, because JKS set up his own small company; he belongs to himself, so those big ent companies are afraid of his popularity, which is a threat to them! Those big companies bribe reporters to write good stuff for their artists, but JKS refuses to do so, thus some medias does not like JKS, and good reports about him are rare, even only to suppress his fame. Gradually, the public have the impression that Jang Keun Suk is” not so good .” The Korean eel said if you search “Jang Keun Suk” in English on internet, you will find his message widely distributed in nternational newspapers, magazines, websites …, but his stories are relatively rare in his own country. There was a well-known ent. company wanted to have him, but he refused the offer, the reason is: he wants to do what he likes to do! Because of this refusal, for some time he had been blocked, there is no opportunity to perform, so he decided to develop in Japan.
        Before BM was aired, some press companies asked him money to write good reports for this drama, but Jang Keun Suk also refused. Fortunately many international fans spontaneously initiate promotional activities. Another example is when JKS reached 15 million followers in Weibo, there is not even any South Korean media reported, while almost a month ago, another idol reached 10 million followers, there are a number of media reported this matter, it is because JKS doesn’t want to bribe medias. He turns to the Internet community tools to communicate directly with his fans.”
        This is the situation of JKS in the Korea showbiz, big entertainment companies are jealous and against him! Although he said the flat road is boring, he wants to against mediocre, but also doomed him to walk a hard way. He said he was very lonely sometimes, he must tell himself: “Fighting” & “Zikzin”, it is because he doesn’t have backer, only his eels can accompany him and fight with him. Yes, only us eels! But the past few years, he did not flinch, still insist, because he knows what he wants and not wants; he did not want to become a robot controlled by large companies, he knows those companies just want to make money, for this purpose they even distort things and persons.
        Struggle in showbiz for 20 years, Jang Keun Suk had already decided to flee from those controls, responsible for his own career and fans, he wants to program shows he likes to do, communicates with fans sincerely, says things he wants to say…..Just be a honest Jang Keun Suk.
        Now I seem to understand why he would choose to star in “Beautiful man”, and said he will never regret his choice.
        He wanted to be a truly “beautiful man”! The play was his portrayal of the struggles for his life! A lot of people probably would scoff at the name of this drama, or ridicule JKS can only play flower boy roles. In fact, BM has nothing to do with “flower Boy”; it plays a maturation process of a man, both inside and outside, a true “beautiful man.” Jang Keun Suk is always confident with his beautiful face and outfit, no matter how people laughed at him, he does not matter, and he has absolute confidence!
        I think what he cares about is whether a good-looking man has something in him that matches his appreance. A beautiful man can also have the ability, determination, a sincere heart, and zikzin to a successful life. I believe the reason he chooses this drama is because he wants to play such a “beautiful man” for everyone.

    • It’s possible. Suk has played the role for 4 years. Quite long, isn’t it? I think it’s good time to change the role. Please don’t feel too sad and be positive. He doesn’t like to have a fixed image. He likes to change. Zikzin!

      • Such an inspiring attitude from the lead herself – Tenshi never giving up against all odds…

        With you being very much around, how can anyone or anything for that matter go wrong?

        Zikzin everyone!!!! Like Sulkie like Eels!

      • I admire you’re positive thinking when it comes to our prince…you are one of those strong pillars supporting our eel’s world (prince)…

        i will try my best to be positive…i wish him all the best..zikzin all the way…we’re always on your side..

      • I’m agree to you dear tenshi,we must believe and be positive for our prince. It is quite sad that a big endorsement like LDF will be gone to him if it’s really true but we must think that maybe there’s something new that will come to him which is much better. We better wait for that good thing for our dear prince. And also I salute you tenshi for giving your full dedication and love for our prince JKS. You did a great job and thank you. Let’s all zikzin together for our lovable and very kind prince.. :))

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