[Fan Account] CRI SHOW III in Niigata_20150326

Credits: cuteGIANT from ECI
hi everybody, I just got back from Tokyo on Sunday and want to share my short FA – Niigata March 26 😀

This is my first time attending Jang Keun Suk’s crishow (beside last November – Team H party in Saitama).
From the seating map, my seat is on the 4th row from the back at the most left side of the venue. I imagined it would be quite hard for me to get to see the stage. But, when I got inside, the venue is small. From the back, we can see the stage quite clear. The large screen on the stage seemed so close to me. During the show most of the time I can see him without any tools (binoculars) except when people start standing, I will be drown by the tall people at the front seats, I can’t see the stage at all.
When he came out, everybody screamed (of course including myself kkk ) and as described many times by eels, he is handsome and handsome and handsome… yes, let me confirm you, he is super handsome ❤ ❤
Even just sitting and singing the ballads, or when singing upbeat songs, moving his body a little bit, dancing or even jumping, he is super sexy, not just sexy, but my ‘sexy’ here in my dictionary is sexy Suk, the sexy that only Suk has. When he’s singing my precious with his guitar… aaaawww sexy. When you see his expressions while singing, especially ballad songs, it’s priceless. Sometimes when he sang with his eyes closed, It feels like kissing that eyes (opss, a peel is talking here, sorry… kkk) 😀
I travelled to Niigata alone, with the thought on my mind that it wouldn’t be too hard to find the venue (and believe me, I really, really, feel relieved when I found out later that it’s not easy to find the place). I met some new friends, thanks to them, I got to the venue on time. Even my unagi friends which also who came with me from Tokyo the same bus with me, they’re having difficulty to find the direction. If I didn’t meet them, I think I would be lost somewhere in the city. It’s always fun to meet eels, sharing experiences, making new friends. Hope I can meet them again someday. Most of them will be watching more than one shows, so, they will still have more opportunities to see Keun chan in Crishow3 (envy, envy and envy)

14 thoughts on “[Fan Account] CRI SHOW III in Niigata_20150326”

  1. Thank you cuteGIANT for sharing with us, your fantastic experience 🙂

    We can feel your happiness and your excitement thrughtsthis lines hhhhh
    so envying you 😉
    Me too i am Eager to experiment seeing our handsome prince and meet all eels of this blog even if it’s still dreams & wishes, but maybe one day they will come true 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely FA CuteGIANT. Lucky you!!! I´m happy every time I see him in a video. It must be a thousand times stronger feeling when you see him live together with other excited eels. 🙂

    And it´s nice to hear how eels always help each other, like a big family. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your sexy suk diary,my wish will come though some day soon,I”m always believed that everyone of eels should see our Princejks in person once in a life time 55555 “envy envy envy” all lucky eels am I crazy

  4. Thanks cuteGIANT because you shared with us these wonderful memories. There are some magical moments, unforgettable and you managed to make me feel like I was there too.

  5. Thanks for sharing this sweet Fan Account! Niigata is quite an unaccessible place to travel to in Japan, not as convenient as Tokyo or other big cities especially for foreign travellers. Kudos to you for travelling all the way to Niigata to attend Suk’s concert!


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