8 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS departs from Fukuoka after CRI SHOW III_20150403”

  1. Can somebody please tell him about his posture….Maybe because of exhaustion, JKS could no longer walk with a straight body?? Ever noticed that hunch back? He was even coughing…

    • I have actually read he said on the first CS3 in Fukuoka that he was sick that day. Isn´t that impressive that he had 2 concerts, and looked like that yesterday even though he didn´t feel well?

      And about his posture…he always goes like that. I think he is perfect. Wouldn´t change a thing on him. 🙂

      • Posture is perfect….. Common people get smarter.He is entitled to be normal human being , to be sick ,to have good and bad days ,to feel joy or sorrow. Get a life.

      • You have misunderstand what I wrote. I think he looks amazing in these pictures, and I love everything about him.

        You shouldn´t use “get smarter” and ” get a life” when you write comments here. It´s rude in english.

  2. Happy Easter to All!!! Ooops….. no petty bickering here please? We all love Sukie and it was never my intention to create any issues about his posture. Well, im just concerned and if i can recall correctly, there was an instance when Jang Geun Suk himself has mentioned this back problem. Maybe there are times that he is unaware of it. Try to observe it during his live performances or even on his previous drama appearances. Actually its no worries at all as he can always carry himself well….

    Just noticed it and maybe tenshi can mention this to him. He maybe overworking himself and taking his health for granted already. Of course we dont want him getting sick, right?

    So happy for the seeming huge success of his recent CriShow 3 Japan tours and I pray that God bless him more for his other upcoming or the rest of his concerts especially those in Tokyo and Kobe which are way bigger venues and can accomodate more people longing to see Geun Suk perform. Cheers


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