[fan-cam 3] JKS arrived in Fukuoka for CRI SHOW III_20150331

Credits: nya yori

Credits: まーちゃん☆JKS

Credits: etbear902

Credits: non shizu

Credits: Jangmamisuni

Credits: Chikako Yasunami

Credits: moestagram_0684 Instagram

Credits: uki800

Credits: yayoyayokof

Credits: みー♡jks♡zikzin!!

2 thoughts on “[fan-cam 3] JKS arrived in Fukuoka for CRI SHOW III_20150331”

  1. He looks sort of serious when he comes in, starts to smile, and his smile just gets bigger and bigger. It´s easy to see the transformation in that video no.2 from “まーちゃん☆JKS”. 🙂

    You have made my day too, Tenshi. ^^


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