11 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS returned from Niigata to Incheon after CRI SHOW III_20150328”

  1. how fortunate those eels who followed Prince JKS until the outside of the airport,they have been that closed to him.They don’t need to zoom their cameras just to captured him that clearly,haha.. ^_^

  2. That is also what I think every time I see videos and photos from the airoport: so lucky Eels! To be so close to him. Thank you for sharing. He looks so good! Does anybody know the melody in the first video? Thank you advance.

  3. There were a lot of eels at the airport this time…such a good sight…
    It’s not easy for them too to welcome him everytime, most of the airports are quite a bit of travelling..more than 1 hr
    He must have felt very happy despite he can not show it all the time


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