[Video] JKS supportive message about ‘Mr.SHOW’ in JAPAN (no-subbed)

Suk appeared on a promotional video about ‘Mr. SHOW’ in Japan. This stage targets only women for the audience. There are many muscular men on the stage to entertain them. Personally I don’t understand why he supports this stage, so I don’t think it’s worth translating what he said in the video. Maybe because he wanted to support a Korean female play producer, Kolleen Park and Korean entertainment. I don’t think his eels are not fond of muscular men… but it may be ok because he doesn’t want eels to become kabayaki. Suk doesn’t have to worry at all 😉

Credits: Mr. SHOW in JAPAN

11 thoughts on “[Video] JKS supportive message about ‘Mr.SHOW’ in JAPAN (no-subbed)”

  1. You are right Tenshi, I’m not into muscles. .., just curious why he promoted this hahaha..but like you said probably to promote this producer..thanks Tenshi for explanation

  2. I have found korean translation, and I understand now what are you talking about, Tenshi. (Have used google translation, of course 🙂 )He is saying that he has a body like them, and someone laughs, right? LOL. Sukkie is a million times better then them. No one can compare with him. No, he don´t need to worry at all. 😀

    I have even watched some of the interview with Kolleen Park on arirang YT-channel. LOL

    It´s kind of dance program, Bethsky. Park is a korean musical director. She is born and grown up in USA, and the show is maybe something you would expect to see in Las Vegas, but not in Korea.

    It´s not a type of show I would like to see either. But I think I can understand that JKS supports her. He probably thinks it´s a funny concept. She has done different things before, she is even a proffesor at some university in Seol. Suk probably respects her because she has done something unxpected. I don´t know, I´m just guessing.


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