[Pics-2] JKS in L’inoui Korea

Linoui Korea continues posting old photos that JKS visited their shops.

Original source: linoui_korea Instagram


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33 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS in L’inoui Korea”

  1. Okay, I’m going to say this; and I could be very very wrong in feeling this way. But, it would have been really nice for JKS to receive Korean support during the time he was asked to step off from filming 3 Meals a Day because of netizen backlash over his tax evasion scandal. Posting pictures now, after he has showed maturity and change that makes the public feel more comfortable and has a successful and deeply heartfelt album; makes me feel like — where was all this free publicity of your store- your products, when JKS was going through a hard time? Maybe it’s a protective element to me as an Eel, but, damn…it sort of makes me cringe.

    • agree Delainey. have been feeling bad about his home support n does the poor dear have to go to Japan for comfort n support of his Japan eels??! where r his eels in Korea? 🙁
      on another note, have u gone n voted? which timezone/geography r u in? could u please help spread the word? the website is in my previous posts in the other Linoui pics. he’s creeping very slowly now at 2804 votes. thanks.

      • I’m in USA. — which is why I may be a bit more crass and outspoken about certain things– I know these designer companies just started posting pics on instagram, but, there was just this internal ping that said — if he were still going through the mess without the expressive and humble album, would they post pics of him? I’m sure Eels in Korea stand by him like we do, internationally. It’s just that moment you realize man, your own countrymen pushed you to step off a show. CFs during that time and hosting people in Korea, were Japanese. I’m sure he’s let go and proves to us that focusing on moving straight ahead (Zikzin) is best. It’s just the entertainment industry and high end products that irk me. ^^

        Anyway — I’ll go vote! I haven’t yet! Thanks Ailee

  2. cool, not a problem Delainey i’m actually from Spore n am pretty outspoken too haha! i guess eels will help nurse him back to good emotional health again. they can be so sensitive n fragile n who can blame them, living life in the public eye. anyway yes please go vote!!! i’ve tweeted most of his major eels clubs i think! becos my own following is so few haha! he’s up to 2823! gosh this campaigning is tiring! LOL! eels here please go vote! he needs to get up to 6000 for second place even.

  3. sukkie during the opening ceremony of L’inoui Store at Sinsadong, 2012. right ^^.

    his ‘seo joon’ hairtyle is perfect. he looks so handsome and sexy. i love him.

  4. Hi aileeneel, I believe we can vote ONCE everyday.. so tomorrow I will vote for him again.. I’m voting through my twitter account.. ^_^

  5. good morning eels! up to 3041 overnight cmon we can do this!!! to get him up to 4th we need to close the gap of about 60 votes with the Healer guy. ZIKZIN!!! 🙂

    • Woah! he got 3,057 votes, JaeJoong beat him by 65 points in 4th place.. hmm, the besties are up for a competition now.. haha!!

  6. Hi emskie it’s not looking so great for our prince some of these top ones r overtaking each other as rate of voting by their fans is faster. The healer chap is now 3rd I think new guy in 4th n our prince had to keep up or else!!!

      • yes sure u can Christine! he’s up in third! go to his picture, and on the left there is a heart that has a ‘+1’ on it click on it to vote n just follow the directions 🙂 after that u can use the twitter or fb or gmail to tell others to vote for Prince JKS! 🙂 good luck lemme know if any problems 🙂 ZIKZIN!!!

    • Voted! Yey! Thanks aileeneel! i will sure vote him everyday. Though I have my eyes with Hyun bin and Ji Chang wook as well, but my heart is only for the Prince. kkkkkkk 😉


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