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  1. wow THANK YOU Tenshi for sharing this!!! not just an interesting interview, but also to see snippets of him singing in his current CriShow III concerts how marvelous!!! i am SURE i speak for all eels like me who cant be at his concerts! THANK YOU…it moves me to see/hear him sing, i can hear him put his soul into the songs, even for those few moments. our beautiful prince for always. thank you for the translation.

  2. Thanks for the subs Tenshi angel… he has change and now he needs to find a good balans to go forward. ..and SUKKIE…you are not old…maybe your society says you are but for everybody outside that you are in the prime of your life. .so don’t go live their way but rather your way ZIKZIN

  3. Thanks Tenshi,never thought that he has another episode of “down” after 2012 Tokyo Dome performance !! Again, he kept it to himself .. T-T… Luckily he pulled himself thru it.

  4. Please add my thanks to the others, Tenshi, for letting us understand this revealing interview. I think we all reach times in our lives when we know we have to reevaluate what is important to us and what we want to focus our energy on. This kind of reevaluation is difficult, but it’s praiseworthy because it shows maturity and honesty with ourselves. It does hurt my heart, though, to see him having to go through this – to see him not smiling. I really hope he knows how very many people care about him, admire how hard he works and how good his work is, and want him to be very happy with himself.

  5. thank you for the sub.He is more matured now for thinking what is important for his life and continue to discover his true self. I admire him for being a strong man and with goals in life. ^_^


  7. Thank you so much for subs, Tenshi. I thought he looked sad and worried when I saw it without translation. But he is actually saying that he is in a good place now.

    He worked too hard at the end of the 2013. Bel Ami and Zepp Tour was at the same time. They even made Making Zepp Tour and Bel Ami DVDs. He was filmed almoust all the time. And even when he is out privatly everyone wants to speak to him, take pictures of him… No wonder he was exhausted, and wanted to be alone. He calls 2014 a quiet year, but he has done a lot in 2014 too. Hope he will work less in the future, and take more care of himself. We want him to be healthy and happy.

    Iยดm so so glad to see a little bit from CS3 in Osaka, so happy to see him singing one of my favorites “Go back sweet home”! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • me too..I dont have the album yet and never heard the full song but im happy with this because since I heard the preview..I know this song would be nice to hear it live.

  8. Glad to see changes in him. But I don’t think there is any annoying thing about him. Well, I might be bias because I’m a fan… but he’s been himself from the start and i don’t think there is annoying in that.

    • Christine.. right.. I never feel anything annoying about Suk also since 2010 as I’m also attracted by the child in him since then.. I just treat the changes as a growing up process as I expect years back he will start to lose the child in him as he progresses with life ^_^
      I respect Suk since 2010 because of his unique personality.. really a rare gem in this industry and this personality stays in him even as today even as he matures… with his constant self-reflection on his life.. he will Zikzin ahead even he faces obstacles in life…

  9. Thanks Tenshi for your translation1
    So many years in the spotlight, with all eyes on him, have influenced his forming personality.
    When you are young, the whole world is yours and you don’t think too far. Success is a very heavy burden on young shoulders, especially when you choose to follow the path that you dream, without compromises and you’re alone against all!
    Our Prince proved to have a very strong character. He managed to do great things, supported by family and his small but wonderful team.
    He does not kept his head down and went forward, even if sometimes they were difficult to overcome the obstacles. He stepped decided on his way and he has nothing to regret.
    That has now reached a watershed moment in his life is normal for every person, sooner or later.
    The mere fact that he is self analyzes and thinks what and how he should be from now on, is evidence of deep maturity.
    He always has to know that he is not alone, as we trust in him and in his decisions, whatever they may be.
    We know very well that you can not be your whole life that on 20 years, responsibilities and expectations come from those around you.
    Jang Keun Suk knows this and that is why he wants to make a change.
    Each stage of life has its charm and that is why I like what I see now when I watch at him and when I was listening to him.
    I want him to be himself further but as he decides to be.
    I am here, we are here and we will always be his source of energy, inspiration and unconditional support.

  10. People may misunderstand him most of the time as being so full of himself and arrogant, yet for me he has a unique way of reflecting his humility :). That’s what I admire the most from him. He always learns to improve himself in a way although it might take him some time and some lessons learned the hard way :).
    Jang Keun Suk, whatever comes your way, please keep zikzin-ing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • exactly…if people just see him once and judge him right away they will misunderstood him easily..to love him is to know him. the best way to know him is through interview and bts which i found he is so bold to reveal himself.

  11. Dear tenshi,

    Thank you so much for this translation. I just finished watching Disc 1 of Monochrome – Arena and came to your site and came across this interview. This explains so much about his change/maturity and why the CRI 3 show was like the way it is. Thank you so much dear Tenshi for finding this video and for translating it.


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