4 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS returned from Osaka after CRI SHOW III_20150316”

  1. How do they know when he flies in? I thought that kind of info would be private. Just impressive how people in Japan and Korea are able to hang out and wait for him. 🙂

    Tenshi, I was wondering if you have a translation for track 8? I got the album today! Wow! I can’t find a favorite. But, I really love track 8, though. I MUST learn Japanese now.

    • I think they are just waiting for him without knowing the flight info. But after knowing he leaves, it’s easier for them to know the correct one. About the translation, I’m doing in order. The next one will be 風 (the wind). So is it the 8th track?

      • Ah! That makes total sense! 🙂 I wish American airports were that easy-going. ^^

        Yes, 風 (Wind) is track 8. I’ve had it on loop for a while now. Without knowing the words, it feels powerful and emotionally. Thx Tenshi! Hope to meet you in Japan when I’m visiting in May. You’ve been great! 🙂

  2. Thanks Tenshi! Our Prince is happy and that I enjoy the most. It means that he is satisfied with the first two concerts. His eels are certainly happy!


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