3 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS arrived at Haneda for CAMP premiere_20150311”

  1. So cute. No one have smile like Sukkie. Today is the Camp premiere, I hope to see a lot of pictures again. I wish I could sit here listening to Monochrome and waiting for more pictures. But I have to go to work. 🙁 Tough life 😉

  2. finally my break. ^^
    omg, sukkie looks so lovely and charming :*
    and who said there is no Blue Prince Charming in real life?. sukkie is the blue prince charming in real life. i love him. xoxo

  3. oh my lovely prince, he had the sweetest smile in the universe.Seeing him smiling like this, gives me so much energy and happiness to go on with my daily task,haha. Hope our dear prince JKS will always wear his sweetest smile everyday.. 😉


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