[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Haneda for CAMP premiere_20150311

Credits: yukassh

Credits: fumin fumifumi

Credits: maricri1010

Credits: mihoko43gmail

Credits: suk kyon

Credits: kaoru8884

Credits: MAIIIII0804

Credits: emisuk0420

Credits: sanxsan xsan

Credits: yurico926

Credits: miejks

Credits: uppi

Credits: kaorinhsmt

Credits: MARIMON☆正解はとしおでつ←

2 thoughts on “[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Haneda for CAMP premiere_20150311”

  1. Seeing prince JKS smiling and waving his hands to the fans while passing by, it’s so priceless,and one of the best moment to be treasure.. ^_^


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