[article] Jang Keun Suk, starting his tour around 8 cities in Japan……stimulating fans’ sensibility.

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[OSEN=Pyo Jae Min] An actor Jang Keun Suk is starting his tour around 8 cities in Japan.

He is going to begin his big run with holding a concert on March 14th in Osaka. This tour is going to hold total 16 performances, 12 hall performances in 6 cities (Osaka, Niigata, Fukuoka, Okayama, Shizuoka, Hokkaido), and 4 Arena Tours in two cities (Kobe, Tokyo). Lots of attention is gathered around Jang Keun Suk’s tour in Japan as selling out all tickets for the Hall performances already.

‘CRI SHOW3’ is a third tour he is holding which is a continuation of last two tours in 2011 and 2012. This tour is getting more attention than the last two tour because via this tour Jang Keun Suk is revealing tracks in his third Japan original full album ‘monochrom’ for the very first time.

For this tour he is attracting the public attention by giving notice on awakening viewers’ emotion and visual cues. Jang Keun Suk will keep his promise by creating stages that highlights “classical” emotions wearing costumes made out of mesh materials and using projector instead of using equipment like wires, lifts, and fancy visuals using LED which used for his previous tours.

Above all, Jang Keun Suk is arising the level of fans expectation towards this tour by treating his fans with the deeper and professional performances via music-centered stage that is different from last ‘CRI SHOW 1,2’ which included many aspects of musical theatre focusing on story telling.

A person working for Jang Keun Suk said “we are in the modern period, yet Jang Keun Suk included “classical” emotion in this tour. Jang Keun Suk is also going to intimately communicate with fans via approaching fan in the true and genuine manner.

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  1. all the very best to our Prince for a successful Japan Tour!! live shows take so much out of one, but you are fit and will have worked hard for it i know, it is just your work ethic to do so 🙂

  2. All the best JKS! You’ll do well in all these concerts. I’m glad he looks happy again – first time to see his pics in 2 months.

    I saw his airport pics – is he becoming a ‘top gone’? his current hairstyle was like my Dad’s when he started to lose his hair. Hope not this early, he’s only 27, since his Dad has thick hair. Fingers crossed. I think he’ll look more handsome even if he becomes totally bald.

    • Actually, I saw the pictures from gimpo and like the hairstyle. I admit, I have really thick hair and had my hairstylist purposely thin it and make bangs because it gets soooo top heavy and greasy. I end up over washing my hair, and then my scalp isn’t happy. Haha Also, before I had it thinned, I would get headaches from pulling it back to keep it out of my face.

      However, stress or over styling could have thinned JKS hair. But, knowing how my hair acts, I thought I’d give another reason. ^^

    • not sure his hair is thinning…i think he is styled this way now for his new look, new perspective on life, & you know how hair stylists like to try out new things on our hair??
      i remember when i watched his video of the making of Monochrome he said something like “nothing i like about my hair in 3 months…” something to that effect. sweet Suks…i miss your gorgeous long hair like in MSOAN!!!

  3. On another note, it might be stress that is the culprit of his thinning hair – especially that thing in mid-January to February. I tried to compare his pics today at Gimpo and in Monochrome and Vogue mag, my impression is his hair thinned. Poor man, I hope he doesn’t stress himself!

  4. Wow! I may return to Japan for a concert. With so many dates, I have some time to plan. Thanks for the info. How do we purchase tickets?

    • lucky you! seems the Hall concerts are all sold out maybe you can try to search for tickets for the arena concerts in Tokyo and Kyoto which are probably in larger venues. i’m going to Seoul for a few days in April!!! anything i can catch there? wish there was a ZIKZIN Cafe there but there isn’t is there?? i’d be happy to pick up a tshirt. maybe i can go to TreeJ??

      • I’ll be going back to Seoul and Japan in May. Just purchased tickets to the concert on May 9th in Kobe. ^^ I hear they don’t like fans going to Tree J because other people (not working at TreeJ) work in that office building. So, be careful about going.

    • There’s a website based in Sweden selling them. Viagogo.com. My CC was alerted for fraud, and was put on hold. Oye. Haha So, the purchase didn’t go through, yet. I’m checking to make sure this website is legit. Or, my CC company is pretty strict. I’ll let you know ^^

  5. “classical” emotions wearing costumes made out of mesh materials, wow!! this will be fantastic, no doubt, Japanese eels are so lucky ^^. I here waiting for his world tour. Someday, someday that day will come, and that day will be the happiest day for me 🙂 :_* xoxo. thanks dear tenshi !!


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