[Music] English translation of the lyrics “風 (kaze; wind)”

Lyrics: Satomi
English translation: haru, tenshi_akuma and Hazy from ECI

The sad wind blew into my room
through the curtain
and flipped one of your pictures

Since you were gone,
I have kept our memories deep in my mind…

My heart cries out silently.
And now it collapses quietly.
It hurts me.
Why did I leave you then?

Whenever I think of the person I won’t see again,
regrets overwhelm me.

The wind blew into my heart at that time
and woke me.
I really loved you,
but why did we separate?

My heart cries out silently.
And now it collapses quietly.
It hurts me.
Why did we separate?

setunai kaze ga curtain nokete
heya ni maikomi mekutta shasin

kimi ga inaku natta hi kara
futari ita hibi simatte tanoni

kokoro wa koe naki koe age
sizukani ima
naze hanare tandaroh?
ano toki

nidoto aenai hito no koto wo
omoidasu tabi fui ni itamu

kokoro ni ituka no kaze fuki
yobi samasita
aisite itanoni
naze hanare tandaroh?

kokoro wa koe naki koe age
sizukani ima
naze hanare tandaroh?
bokura wa…

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  1. Hi thanks alot dear sister Tenshi
    As I read all ,, monochrome, , lyrics , all them based on past memories all them are black , white , and about gonne love….
    all them are dear dcz all them are part of aperson memories although they are not sweet,
    past , now and future…..♡♥
    Thank you my dear man , u can reflex past as pleasant sad bcz they are said by you:)
    I hope you and all ur eels have perfect now and outstanding future, God is with all you

  2. It hurts me too…but it’s nobody fault…You asked once: What is the most important? Past, present or future? I would say All. I lived the past in the present moment, I will live the future in the present moment, and in that present moment I’ve got my beautiful memories…Do you believe in God? Let’s have faith, Sukkie-ah. He knows better…

  3. Thank you Tenshi. I knew when I first listened to it, that it was highly emotional because of the melody. Now that I have the English translation, I feel my tears were validated; crying, even though I didn’t understand what was being said.

    Thank you again for the translation. You’re the best, Tenshi! 🙂

  4. These are such simple, heartbreaking, beautiful lyrics. I also felt the emotion of sadness in the melody and the tone of JKS’s voice, but I didn’t expect the quietly powerful despair expressed in these lyrics. The other comments say what I feel much better than I’m able to. Tenshi, a thousand thanks for your translations. They’re especially important in an album like this because the lyrics are essential to understanding what the artist wants to express.

  5. Dear tenshi, thanks for sharing. you’re great. :’)

    This song touched the bottom of my heart, my tears fall, I can’t stop mourn. Sorry. TTTT.TTT :'((( :'(((

    His album confirms that our Sukkie is in love her, so in love with her, but both are separated now. His 3rd album is for him and her, no doubt. I am very grateful to our sukkie share his deeper side with us.

    >>> Sukkie said: ” …my previous 2 albums it’s ‘Geun chan and everyone’s album’, but for this new album, it’s ‘YOURS (his loved girl) and MINE (himself) album’…”
    >>> Sukkie said: Monochrome’ is “Hope you comprehend my inner heart”, “These are my words, are you willing to listen to me?”
    >>> sukkie said: This album ‘monochrome’ describes a man who falls in love with fear in his heart.

    people can also identify with his lyrics, especially those who have their loved walked away and people even who have a forbidden love but still have hope that your beloved will return to his side again. his album is about love of his life and his HOPE, his 3rd album give himself/us that hope.
    OUR SUKKIE is deeply in love her and sad by their separation, he wants her back to his life again, someday. he still have that hope.

    I know that many people still do not want to accept that he is in love her. the situation is hard.

    >>> the reporter said: “Aren’t you afraid that the past image will be destroyed?”
    >>> Sukkie answer: ” Absolutely not. Till now, there is still much of me that has not been revealed to all, hence, THERE IS THIS STRONG DESIRE to SHOW THAT TO EVERYONE”.
    >>> reporter said: “I got a shock when I first listened to this album, as it was unlike your past albms. No glamorous tunes nor cheeky expressions. THAT’S WHY I FELT WORRIED ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH”
    >>> sukkie answer: ” … The main theme is not about seriousness. the honesty and openness is what I wanted to focus on, but I know it probably shocked many, …”

    Our Sukkie is showing us his inner. TT.TT I know many are shocked, for sure.

    at this moment I want to hug him and tell him, I will always support you. and if she is the love of your life, I always support them, both.
    I would like help him for “She” can return to his side again, and to see our Sukkie completely happy with her. because Sukkie also needs to love and be loved, not just by his loved eels, but also for his loved special girl / woman. ♥

    I love YOU, MY Dear Sukkie. ♥

      • my friend says: “Lord Sukkie, while she does not yet married, you have a great opportunity to have her love again, you do not allow she forget all her memories together because she might get away more and more of his side. therefore You try everything. You must reliving all yours memories together so she can also remember all yours memories together and do not forget. So much that there will be greater hope that she able to return to his side again.
        if there is a distance between you two through a hard situation, then you must find another way to be together. You are a famous male celebrity therefore she will see you and will see every message you leave her at every opportunity that you can. she needs to know that you love her and still love her. your 3rd album is perfect, every song each lyrics show that you really love her, this is a big step so she will be able to return his side again. I wish you all the best”.

      • … every song each lyrics show that you really love her, this is a big step so she will be able to return your side again. I wish you all the best”.

    • Your comment actually got me curious as to whether the girl really exists in real life … or she is merely a fictitious character made up by Suk’s Japanese lyricist to give the song a melancholic touch… hmmm.

      • Hello eel friend 🙂

        Yes, the girl really exists in real life, sukkie feelings are real.

        This album is about sukkie’s deep inner side, he wants to share his deepest feelings with us. The Japanese lyricists helped him to better express all his emotions, even using more Japanese terminology.


      • hi lulu ^^

        that is precisely one of the probabilities we’ve thought from the beginning. she is JAPANESE?? the girl might be a Japanese because the songs are in Japanese. why we made a deep analysis with all the information that our sukkie gave each of his interviews, radio, crishows tours, event, twitter, etc. was long the information but amidst the analysis, the option that is “A JAPANESE” WAS DISCARTED :s. Therefore we conclude that is not Japanese. 🙁

        BUT thanks to that analysis, we suspect who is the girl with more certainty.

      • >>> sukkie interview said: ” I’m ok even my girlfriend is not good at cooking as I can cook. But I hope she can do the washing up”.

        sukkie could be sending us clues about who his girl through his interviews, radio, etc, it is because Sukkie is very smart and a genius. as I said once, sukkie clues are like the da vinci code for me. 😀 😀

        respect whom is his girl (sure 75%, maybe18%, not sure 7%),

        know she loves to cook, she’s not as good cook as sukkie can cook but she wants to learn many more.
        she can do the washing up, very well, because she is a good dishwasher hahahha

      • about the question and complete answer, here it is:

        >>> Q: What kind of meal do you cook?

        >>> Sukkie: I don’t know the names as I cook with ingredients I have in the refrigerator at that moment. (laugh) Such as Jjigae soup and pasta. I’m ok even my girlfriend is not good at cooking as I can cook. But I hope she can do the washing up.

        if we observe carefully, the question is very precise and clear, reporter only asked “What kind of meal do you cook ?” but our smart and sagacious Sukkie adds an extra information about “that girl”.
        obviously the reporter did not ask anything about his future girlfriend within that question, but smart sukkie added that additional information very carefully. SUKKIE IS A GENIUS!

  6. Thank you Haru, Tenshi and Hazy for the translation.
    It was my favorite song on the album, even if I didn’t understand the lyrics because his voice is also deeper and different from the other songs, not going so high.
    And I don’t know why but “kaze” in its Japanese pronociation has a particular meaning for me.
    Now that I know the translation, I have more reasons to connect with this song and it reminds me of a tango song, full of very hurtful lyrics like all tango songs, named “en esta tarde gris” with hurtful lyrics and here it’s not the wind but the rain that brings the memory of the missing one.

    Here I can’ resist to give you the translation of that tango in English :
    How much I want to cry
    in this gray afternoon
    In its peal
    the rain speaks of you.
    It’s the remorse of knowing
    that it is my fault that I’ll never,
    love… never see you again.
    My closed eyes
    see you same as yesterday;
    trembling, pleading
    for my love again…
    Today your voice comes back to me,
    in this gray afternoon.

    “Come,” very sadly you’d say…
    “that in this loneliness
    my soul can’t take it anymore.”
    “Come… and have mercy on my pain,
    I am tired of crying,
    suffering and waiting
    and talking all alone
    with my heart.”
    “Come, that I love you so much
    that if you don’t come today
    I’m going to drown in my own tears…
    No, it can’t be that I go on this way,
    with this love stabbing me
    like a curse!”

    I couldn’t comprehend
    your desperation
    and happily I went away
    in the wings of another love…
    How lonely and sad I was
    when I saw myself so far away
    and realized how I deceived you.
    My eyes when closing
    see you same as yesterday;
    trembling while pleading
    again for my love…
    and today your voice bleeds all over me,
    in this gray afternoon.

  7. The most important thing in life is to love and be loved in return. It hurts, a lot, if you are not the chosen, i know it, but please be strong. When you least expect it…tada… the sun rises. Believe me.

    • love your comment, Rossie! it is sad to see a brokenhearted one… I hope Sukkie isn’t really brokenhearted lol. but hey, time heals what reasons cannot :P. somehow ‘love’ has an expiry date… so does heartbreak ;D

  8. Thanks Tenshi! The lyrics are very touching and now when I listen the song and already know the lyrics, I’m not able to say which is my favorite song on Monochrome.

  9. I´ve loved Wind from the first time I heard it. The music and Suk´s voice in this song is so melancholic. I knew the lyrics would be sad too.

    Love this slowly discovering of Monochrome. Thank you so much for your translations. ^_^

  10. Thanks for the translation. Listening to this song is a bit difficult for me to do hehe… but he sang it really beautifully 🙂

  11. many thanks to the translation.thank you also for the romanji of every lyrics. it really helpful to us. about this song, yeah it’s so sad,especially on the chorus part, you’d really feel the emotion.The voice of sukkie is really beautiful,and the emotion penetrates deep with in the heart and soul. I’m patiently and happy waiting for the rest track to be translate especially “when spring comes”. I really like the part with the word Sayonara and Arigato(i think the chorus part)..thank you in advance..^_^

  12. Keun Suk, you are still young, with all the love you give to all your eels all this time through your creations, a true love will be by your side one day. Keep up the good work..We support you for your career n your love! 🙂

  13. I feel pain in the pit of my stomach after I read the lyrics. I lost someone like that. I had many reasons then to give up on someone I loved dearly, now it’s too late.



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