[article-1] Jang Keun Suk held Japan Official Fan Club 5th anniversary event ‘GIFT’

Credits: KOARI
On February 13th, at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Jang Keun Suk Japan Official Fan Club exclusive event ‘GIFT’ was held.

This event that was planned to celebrate Japan Official Fan Club 5th anniversary, and some missions related to initials of ‘JKS GIFT’ were given to him and he had to complete them such as a talk session using a polygraph test, a random dancing session, and so on. And also, there was a segment to look back memories with fans over 5 years. He seemed to be moved when he knew a lot of supportive messages from fan club members. The event was full of the warm atmosphere with laughter and emotion.

Besides, MV of a lead song ‘Hidamari (sunshine)’ included in his 3rd album released on February 25th was released during the event for the first time. During a mini concert segment, he sang some songs such as ‘Always close to you’ ‘Beautiful Change’ ‘Indian Summer’ and so on. That made us to look forward upcoming CRI SHOW3 that starts in March more.

This exclusive event ‘GIFT’ fan meeting is going to be held on 14th, too. And his 3rd album released in Japan ‘monochrome’ will be released on February 25th.

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  1. We can finally see new pictures from the event! Sukkie looks amazing! Very hidamari-style. 🙂 I hope they have made TV- program or DVD.

    Thank you so much, Tenshi. 🙂

  2. thanks tenshi for the updates. Glad to see more photos of him especially seeing him better and very happy right now. He is perfect sunshine. ^_^

  3. Thanks Tenshi for sharing. So happy to see new pics of him, he looks amazing.
    How lucky japanese eels are…
    And love the banner Tenshi!! He is indeed a hidamari in my life too.


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