[Teaser] ‘ひだまり (Hidamari; sunshine)’ MV -Short Ver.-

UPDATE: I replaced the previous translation with the latest one.

Credits: ponycanyon
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Oh Honey Honey Honey. When you smile, that will bring a glow to my colorless monochrome life like my sunshine. So Honey Honey Honey.
Thanks to you,

tenshi_akuma’s note: It’s hard to translate the lyrics only hearing a part of the song. Perhaps it will be different from my final translation, but anyway, I hope you’ll like this version, too 🙂

24 thoughts on “[Teaser] ‘ひだまり (Hidamari; sunshine)’ MV -Short Ver.-”

  1. I don’t know why, but just listening to this short version, tears started to fill my eyes… It’s JKS that gives happiness to my life. I love Suk so much. This lyrics remind me of it once again.

    • tenshi-san thank you so much for this sneak peek into his new album, how exciting!!! i have no idea what the album or music/songs are going to be like but i can’imt wait! countdown begins soon, but i think i won’t get my copy till March first week. JKS is a joy, and i am thankful i’ve discovered him, thank you for sharing your love of him here with us all.

      i hope KBS World can telecast some of his dramas again soon. God bless JKS always.

  2. can’t stop singing ‘oh honey honey honey’… :P. thanks again for the translation of the lyrics, Kaori-chan. Really… who can wait for 25th Feb now? I can’t! :p

  3. so cute and sad song

    “.. to my colorless monochrome life ..” why? sukkie 🙁 why his life is like colorless monochrome
    prince jang keun suk, you are still suffering, you do not worry, we are with you. follow your dreams, those dreams will return again to you and will come true, embrace your dreams strongly. still flying high…higher to achieve your dream.

  4. Thanks so much Tenshi, yes, I know what you mean, I feel the same. He is my sunshine too. I´m so happy with everything he makes, it is hard to say and to believe but it’s true. I love his deep voice.

  5. This is so beautiful, so sweet and warm. I have listened to it many times today. Still get goose bumps when I hear it. And it´s very catchy. I have sung “honey, honey, honey” all day.

    Thank you so much for your translation, Tenshi. I hoped you would do that. 🙂

  6. I really like this! This song makes me want to learn Japanese in addition to Korean! ^^ Love how up beat and lively it is. This will be a great album!

  7. sounds good but its more to pop song. I think this album became less rock..more pop. not to my liking but I still cant wait for the album. I guess nothing I dont like when it comes frm him.kkk..

  8. this song is so lovely. i really like the tune and the theme of the video. it’s so perfect!! i keep singing this lovely song since i watched it. i’m agree to all of you guys, it gives goosebumps and made my heart to beat so fast.. fantastic..


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