[article] Jang Keun Suk Apologizes on Stepping Off ‘Three Meals’

Original source: Mwave

Jang Keun Suk officially apologized on leaving Three Meals – Fishing Village Special.

An affiliate of Jang Keun Suk spoke with Newsen on January 16 and said, “We’re very sorry to the production team of Three Meals – Fishing Village Special, Na Young Seok PD, Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin sunbaenim. They went through the hard times together and we would like to say sorry that the things turned out this way.”

The affiliate added, “Aside from all reasons, we’re sorry for having caused public criticism.”

It has been reported that Jang Keun Suk is currently out of Korea in order to carry out his overseas schedules. As soon as he returns to Korea, he will be releasing official statements on leaving tvN’s Three Meals – Fishing Village Special as well as on being accused of tax evasion.

The production team of tvN previously announced on January 15 that after going through discussions with his agency, they came to a conclusion to have Jang Keun Suk step off the program.

About being suspected of tax evasion, Jang Keun Suk′s agency has revealed that it filed a revised tax return in order to correct the accounting errors and that Jang Keun Suk has completed paying all taxes.

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  1. We rally behind you. It is naive to be blamed. Obviously people who are pointing a finger at you are clueless about government regulatory system’s framework.
    Nonetheless, be strong and maintain your ‘good character and right attitude’.

  2. He decided from various reasons. I just respect his decision with my sincere message “I’m always on your side.”

  3. Thanks for sharing sis Tenshi.. I am patiently waiting for his official statement regarding this issue. I hope everything will be ok and settled for a good reason. I will pray hard to give him strength and wisdom to face and overcome all of this. No matter what I am still here for him.. I will continue to believe in his decision i know that he will not do anything to disappoint us… I love him so much #eelssupportJKS

  4. No matter what happen, only I have to say, the he is very important in my life and I will be with him, because he’s my strength for continue in this life, and JKS I never leave you, never… In bad moments or good moments, I will always be with you… With love your Mexican eel.

  5. I’m sure he made an intelligent decision. .. he will not go for it if he doesn’t see it to his advantage… he knows his way and he always go straight to it… Zikzin to all eels…

  6. So..what about the show? I still hope what they have shooted before could still be airing.if not..what a waste..for me..what have being done..should be done..but for korean the public image is everything..this is just a show..not a politic issue though..

  7. Jang Geun Suk is a human too… it is obvious that he’ll be misjudged or misunderstood by some people….people always try to defame those who are successful ….. But as an eel of his I would always support my prince at all times and all situations….. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  8. No matter what he is a wise young man . I believe in You Sukkie.

    Will always run holding your hands together with international eels ..

    Our love will never fail a bit .. Love u even more ..

    ZIk Zin !!

  9. You don’t have to do that..Koreans won’t understand your heart.. Don’t apologize to them.. just make a press conferance and explain yourself..thats enough

  10. Sorry to hear this news…things happen for a reason! I’m sure there’s something out there that’s meant for him. Keep your head up high and know that we are always here to support you JKS! Take care always and what ever you decide, I respect your decision!

  11. I’m with him regardless of his choice. But what hurt me, is forcing him to leave the program and in addition he has to apologize. Why ?!
    He is not a corrupt politician to endure that !
    Everyone knows that there are people behind this, Once he’s in a TV show that could permit him to won the respect of audience, 2 days before broadcasting they sow discord and hatred ! by this act, these people shows clearly their fear from our prince, they do not want to give him any little chance. So Crappy!
    Eels don’t be sad but be strong and let’s show our support for him we have to be United .

    • You nailed it, Malice. This show is highly promising as it will show as an aspect we have never seen before. JKS in his most humble and natural state, where he is not JKS in the program but just a resilient young man trying to survive in a harsh environment called Manjeong Island. Usually reality shows have the power to pull in viewers and gain public empathy, even more so than dramas. The perfect example is Running Man. (But I can tell you that some of the host’s reel life and real life persona is totally different. Haha once said that he is not like his Running Man persona in real life. It’s just him portraying what the program wants him to portray.) Someone out there is seriously threatened by Keun Suk and fear that he will gain respect from audience, the only way to prevent it is to pull him down!!! These are definitely the dirty works of some competitors or entertainment agencies out there.

  12. You are now facing difficulties of life but please don’t give up remember this is nothing compared to those who suffered everyday because of hunger and poverty but still when u look at they’re eyes u can see hope and happiness Fighting!!!!
    With all my hearts I will never let go and always stay behind you 🙂

  13. Thank you for the news I believe in him ,if was only an accountancy error is not so dramatic ,but some people must to have something to written “good” about him .
    He`s got there the staff ho is doing this job .
    God bless him to be strong always .

  14. We are on your side Sukkie.
    In my view, when he comes back from Japan, he is not obligated to explain himself to the media who would twist and turn whatever he says. He should only talk to his eels and tell his story like he always does.

  15. In addition to my previous comments, only good things will come out of this downside of things. New doors will be opened, and he will truly know who his real friends are and who his real eels are. Indeed there will be new opportunities in his life.

    • Alice, you’re right as each time he emerges out a stronger person after a rough ride… I have seen that for the past few years as I always believe in him and trust the decision he made. Our little prince has grown up to become a really strong and tough guy!

  16. I really felt sad to hear this. As a new fan I really wanted to see him in a natural environment sans the make up and all which i think would really be an opportunity to show the real him and which will make people appreciate him more. Was he booted out? Oh I feel soo sad 🙁 but as the saying goes, things happen for a reason and we hope that good will come out of this incident. Hoping you are ok Jang Keun Suk, Fighting!!

    • Angie, as I have been following Suk for past few years since 2010.. I must say he is really one artiste I respected so much as I can see how tough it is like to be in the that kind of Korean entertainment and media environment.
      In Beautiful Man drama, we have seen the real life experience of Suk as he has ever refused the bribe of media to make good news for him and also rejected the a dinner with USD 1 million offer from a rich lady with influential power… all these we can see in Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) drama and all are real cases. I always feel there is conspiracy in the Korean entertainment and media to attack him as those tax issues are actually settled and clarified but somehow some media just re-heat the old news at a timing when he was out of the country or when he is having a new event (like 3 meals a day broadcast)… it happened many times in the past I have noticed.. such negative news or rumours have broke out at a time when he was overseas or after a good news or new events schedule… but I notice Suk is really a tough guy as he has learnt to manage all these well and become even a stronger man each time.
      So don’t feel sad as I respect whatever decision he made as he has his reason each time.

      • Thank you QQeyes007, i just feel sad because seeing the trailer, Sukkie has put his heart into the show and it seems this will all go to waste. If indeed there are people trying to put him down then to me its a great compliment to him — it means they are threatened by his popularity. It means he is important and ‘star’ enough for people to try to put roadblocks to what he wants to pursue. Thank you QQeyes007, for sharing your thoughts. Its my prayer that JKS would continue to be stronger and would continue to do what he wants to do! God bless JKS!!!!

  17. Сошенька, держись! Мы в тебя верим и очень тебя любим! Зависть – страшная сила, тебе просто завидуют и, как говорят у нас в России, “ставят палки в колёса”! Но это ничего – твои угри с тобой! Мы никогда от тебя не откажемся, потому, что ты – лучший!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I said it in my personal FB and I will say it again here in public:

    Korean media is trash and sometimes there’s barely any truth in it. It’s all about how entertainment companies pay to have good news coverage about their artists. And if you don’t, you get bullshit and slander. That’s the power of Media play where there’s $$ involved with total lack of professional ethics. The power of Pen hurts as much as a sword. What is shown in the drama may just happens in real life. Bribery, Corruption, Feuding, Conspiracy Theory…Do you think a Mr perfect image is always perfect when they have someone doing the dirty jobs for them? My Mr imperfect may not be perfect, but at least he wipes his own ass no matter how sloppily it is rather than have a tyrant nanny wiping it clean for him.

    My heart goes out to Keun Suk for having to bear such a burden, where is the fairness in the world!

  19. Does it mean we won’t be included in any broadcast of the show? How about the previous shoots he did, they won’t be air anymore? If that’s the case, that is really sad… I feel really bad for him, why there’s always negative issues about him everytime he’s on the spotlight? Can’t they just be happy that a young Korean like him has made it to the top by his own hardwork? He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way in his own country with his own countrymen whilst the whole world has a high respect on him. He is still young to face all this troubles… but as an eel, I will always pray for you Prince. I hope that you will overcome all this trial and be a more better person. Keep fighting JKS! Zikzin forever!

    • I´ve read they have already filmed 2/3 parts of the show, and that they will edit as much as possible, and minimize his role. I don´t know for sure, but that maybe means that Suk will still be in the show. I guess we will know more about that next weekend.

      He doesn´t deserve this. He was good enough to be host for the first ladies in Busan in Desember, but the tax-issue is a huge problem for the TV- show. I will never understand that.

      • I am thinking the same thing, his hosting of those first ladies had to have been made with the support of high level officials…good enough for them but not reality TV? I can hardly believe it and feel very sad for our Prince.

  20. As far as the tax stuff, my dad had to pay taxes and was audited this past year, too. My family ended up having to pay money as well – and it was because of a simple mistake, not because we were trying to evade paying taxes. As detailed as taxes must be, there is a lot of room for overlooking items and rules.

    Now, as a new fan of JKS(about a year ago), I noticed a subtle change in JKS if only to appease Korean audiences toning down that wild crazy kid. Maybe he has matured a bit and that is the reason why he is sporting a more “normal” hairstyle and trying to do shows where he tries to display a more natural, traditional image. In the past, I’ve seen articles and interviews where he is concerned that audiences see him only as someone who wears eyeliner and does beautiful man (flower boy) type of dramas. Yet, as he has toned down that image, displaying a more Korean appearance, it seems he’s become more susceptible to criticism.

    Just as that old video (posted last week on this site), suggested that no one knows who JKS is in Korea, and his followers are only old Japanese ladies who lost her husband. Forget that he put on a huge show, and has many young fans – fans of all ages and countries, also. It was a very odd report on the “Asian Prince,” and you just wonder why this time of negative publicity is necessary.

    Let JKS be an artist, and be seen as an actor. I’m actually glad he left the variety show. I feel it is sort of beneath him to do this, and try to connect with Korean audiences that don’t respect him as an actor. I think if he wants to be seen as an actor and director, he needs to focus on that area and not lose sight of achieving that.

    Sorry for the bold statement, but, I’m also studying (majoring) in Film and this type of thing really irks me; as a person trying to get into the Korean drama field and as a fan.

    • Delainey, actually on the contrary he is well known in Korea.. I shared this based on my personal experience and sharing from Korean eels and people who stayed in Korea, who know the current situation better than overseas eels. In fact, I have been to his FM concerts in China (2 Zikzin Man FM concerts in 2 cities) , Japan (4 TeamH concerts in 2 cities, 1 FM) and Korea (1 FM concert) just in 2014 alone.. I love to go to his FM especially as that is the time we see Suk close interaction to eels and he can speak his mind with eels…
      I would say Suk has changed not because of Korean environment.. but he has become more matured after going through the path he has taken… but when you see him in FM when he is with eels, you can see the sparks in his eyes and the child in him which we having been seeing… In Korea and China FM with eels.. he behaves the most open and direct as the eels in these 2 countries are also direct and tease him openly.. I had a good time at GZ Zikzin man FM concert as he really made us laugh from start to end and if you have seen the fancam of this vid, you will understand. As in Japan, Japanese culture is different as they are more reserved, Suk also behaves in similar polite way.. so far, I see he is the only artiste who interacts with his fans differently taking care of the culture in each country.. also, when he went up to variety programs in different countries, he studied the program style by watching past episodes and he will present himself accordingly.. if you have seen him as guest in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea.. you will also notice the difference.
      If you have seen his earlier drama like Happy Life (2007-2008) Beethoven Virus (in 2008) , Hong Gil Dong (in 2008) and Itaewon Homicide movie (2009).. we can see his acting skill already being recognised in Korea as in BV, Happy Life, he got the best young actor awards at young age of 20-21 years old… and in 2009 when he acted in You’re Beautiful with eye-lined, this drama was actually scripted by the Hong sisters who find that Suk has acted so well in earlier HGD drama, so they wrote this drama script YAB for him to act in.. and this drama is how I get to know the name “Jang Keun Suk”. Actually I don’t find he is playing beautiful boy dramas when many said he played as he said many times in FM or Zikzin radio why he choose MMM – because he love the role of the rock singer KMG, he chooses Beautiful Man because that role Mate is about how a man become beautiful man inside out… (and this drama actually are his real life experience as I mentioned in above comments). I think the reason why overseas fans feel that he is not popular is because of the media… as we know many media are bribed by big entertainment companies to write good reports about those artistes under them, so for the case of Suk who has rejected such practices.. we can imagine how the media will response.. bad news or rumours for him and suppress any good news. Also, the netizens may be manipulated by some influential power behind (some may pay to give comments about some artiste to create certain negative impression).. so if normal netizens see those comments, they are also influenced with a certain impression of Suk.

      • I also think is produced by big entertainment companies, maybe even big management companies since he has his own co. I felt that was the case (netizens getting paid to comment) in the docu report of JKS that was posted on this site. I also noticed they were trying to hype chocolate abs, and it was quite disturbing to use that angle to sully JKS. Like I previously said, what’s the point? Let people be artists and do what they do if they have talent, not because they have chocolate abs. HAHA – it doesn’t get me to watch. Actors who try really hard, and work very hard makes me a fan. JKS has those qualities.

        I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say, regarding Korean fans. I am not putting down Korean fans or saying there are none. But, your lower paragraph basically explained what I was trying to say. Also, that overseas fans were the only fans of JKS. Before coming to Korea, I had this perception of JKS based on media. The one reason why I really have become a fan of JKS is because he (as you explained) opens himself up to other countries and not only learns the language, but, also about their show formats. JKS is an asset in the entertainment field, all on his own, because he studies it. In America (an actor, director, writer, etc.); we call that a triple threat, being multi-talented. Which I’ve never understood why is has such a negative connotation. Yet, every single actor in Korea seems to sing, act, etc. So, the competition is higher, I guess. So, you probably have more big co. trying to squash the competition?

        I think why I’m also so heated about this, is because will I be seen as less of a person trying to get into Korean entertainment if I’m too ambitious? There seems to be such a certain impression induced by one netizen comment, that erupts a following of negative sentiment towards one actor, based on what’s trendy. (Something little like stripped t-shirts everywhere suddenly is one example). When things occur like this, especially to an actor I am a fan of, it leaves me looking at the Korean entertainment industry as a whole. I sort of like that JKS goes against the grain and is an individual, but, respects everyone. You always need to keep a balancing act; work in the field and love to create but also have to put up with the b.s. that goes along with the industry.

        Anyway, in any country you have this negative side of entertainment. People are always ready to rally around a failure, but, never say much about an accomplishment.

      • Well said Delainey ! this is so true “Anyway, in any country you have this negative side of entertainment. People are always ready to rally around a failure, but, never say much about an accomplishment.” I hope sukkie will never give up.. please don’t.. prove them what you capabilities of.. He did whatever people want him to but pin him down so harsh when he actually did nothing wrong.

      • sorry am entering the fray a little late, but wanted to show my support for JKS too. the Korean entertainment industry and media machine around that must be super scary, in an environment that is super-competitive. if you think about how the world has been stormed by k-drama, k-pop etc. and how we love it in one way or another, how tough do you think the industry is there?
        it’s a phenomenal export!!!
        and still, in the midst of all that, our JKS shines so brightly! i only discovered him last year, watching Love Rain on kbs world!!! and was hooked eversince. i’ve just finished MSOAL (MMM) and u know what, i think this indie rockstar role suits him to a T! LOVE JKS as KMG love his styling and whole persona wow!!! now how can anyone watch him act/sing and not recognise the genius and talent that he is, given to us to enjoy? other actors are good yes, and even good looking but…JKS has got that something extra, it is so apparent.
        what i want to say is that i hope all his eels home and international will support him during this tough time. things happen, mistakes happen in life, and it would be down to his team or accountants or advisors, not him personally but his detractors want to pull him through the dirt and so, dear Sukkie, know that we are all behind you…all the way. never give up, never let them win, fighteeng! please pick yourself up and continue to do what you love and do best…giving us endless hours or joy watching you act, sing, perform and may it make you happy again.
        we love you and cant wait to get hold of your new album/cd MONOCHROME wishing you great success with it and may it sell in the millions! 🙂 and…will wait out for your next drama, hope it’s sooner than later!! love always from Spore/Macau!!

  21. Keun suk ah..I know ull bounce back. This is nothing to u compare with what u had beared before. Just asume that ur trip to that island is just a leisure trip. I know u know what really happened and what to do next. Just stay focus on what ur doing..eels will always be with u no matter what. Fighting!!! But still. .I want to see the manjae do prince T T

  22. Sad to think that Prince JKS is not already part of the show. After all the hardships and hardworks he encountered on this show, this is only thing he received from those people who are greedy and envious to our Prince,it’s really unfair for him. Because of some one’s mistakes, our Prince JKS suffered a lot and carry a big burden that may affect to his image. Despite of all, everything has a reason why it is happening. And after all even it is not our Prince’s fault he remain humble and apologized to all the production team. He knows that this issue creates a big commotion that will affect to the entire team. He is a man with dignity and humility. And because of his humility,he will gain more respect and love from all the people who surrounds him ( family,friends,co- workers and fans) and also from those people who always wanted to see him down. He is a strong and positive man. I believe on him, whatever decision he make I know there’s always a good reason behind that. I’m always on his side no matter what happen or where ever path he may take in the future. For our Prince, don’t give up,stay strong and believe in yourself as we believe in you. And you know we are not going to leave you despite of all ups and downs of your life. We can be your shield and armor for all the battles you may face in life. Our love and support for you Prince is still the same and is getting deeper and deeper. ILY Prince JKS! Fighting!! Zikzin!!

  23. I think he should sue the paper or the journalist who wrote those articles for the libel. An accounting error and evading paying taxes are two very different matters. I’ve noticed that Korean press articles are often very unreliable. They change the facts, the figures and other details the way it suits them. If they were sued and had to pay big compensation maybe that would teach them a lesson and they would be more careful about what they publish.

    • I had the same thought. Any time someone’s taxes are revisited by any gov’t, it’s called an audit, not an investigation into tax evasion. The articles published made them seem guilty before the investigation was even concluded. Don’t even get me started on how I feel about the netizens making comments about this matter and pushing JKS off the show. Ugh! So annoyed by this!

  24. Gwenchanha, Sukkie-ah! these things can happen, but I believe that GOD causes all things to work together for good. u don’t deserve to be in a show with greedy & narrow minded production. just continue to maintain a positive attitude and a humble heart. those antis can’t put u down. accept these challenges and strive to be more stronger and better person. you’ll be just fine. we, your eels are here to pray for you and support you!

  25. Keun Suk, please stay strong and don’t give up. The unexpected news saddens me a lot. You do not deserve all this.

    Please know that Eels all over the world respect and support you.

  26. My thoughts:
    1. Korea is an oecd member country and therefore is aware of regulatory framework on policy development including the privacy and confidentiality of taxpayers and their stakeholders.
    2. The govt agency violated the privacy and confidentiality of Jks and his agency. The case did not reach prosecution, why did the case reach media? It was in the process where regulatory tools are used for compliance of a tax rule and in every stage of that process they must secure his privacy and confidentiality.
    3. The govt agency, as regulator, must exhaust all means to ‘make it easy for tax payers to comply’. if jks’ agency failed to understand the regulation, the govt agency must exhaust all means, like trainings and seminars and promotions or use social marketing, such that taxpayers can understand tax rules and made it easy for them to comply.
    4. The staff of the govt agency must sign a confidentiality clause to protect the privacy of taxpayers and in this case jks and his agency,

    If I am jks, I will complain to the Office of the Ombudsman or their country’s Privacy Commissioner that his privacy and confidentiality rights were violated by the tax agency. I believe that someone in the tax agency is feeding the media regarding Jks case.

    I live in a country wherein ‘corruption is nil’ based on international corruption monitoring.

    I am talking from the perspective of someone who works in the development of tax policies. My daughter is an eel.

  27. In addition, the tax agency must initiate investigations as to why a confidential tax audit surveillance, which is confidential, reached media. The tax agency failed their tax payer or Jks and his agency.

    • Can’t agree more. You really nailed it, Celia. Tenshi, is there a way that Celia’s comments might reach JKS or TreeJ? I’m sure he is clever and may have good lawyers but sometimes is good to hear an outsider’s comments.

  28. pulling our prince off this unusual reality saddens me a lot… i could see that our prince was doing his best to cope with nature’s harsh realities…without all the glamor and amenities he is accustomed to..and despite the hardships, he looked to be enjoying himself…he was able to interact well with the two much older stars..and they seemed to like and accept him despite the age difference…

    our prince gives his 100% effort in any endeavor…we would love to have seen him au naturelle…

    and yes, if the Korean govt officials saw it fit to assign him to welcome the First Ladies at the summit, this shows that they hold our prince in high regard…

    don’t worry, Prince, there may be better things in store for you…just keep on fighting, we’re behind you all the way!

  29. God knows what is the truth and behind of this issue. be strong and face them with dignity. As your eel we always support you no matter what because we believe that all of this situation right now you can survive through the support of all people beside you that will truly love you with all their hearts. keep up the good works always and keep in touch to god almighty nothing is impossible he will make a way for you.

  30. I picked what his friend said about him. “He is genius but people seems always misunderstand his intention because of he’s full of energy and he did all thing my himself from start to end” ~Park Shin Hye on Taxi 2013~

    This is so true.. just because he manage his own self..people think his full of ignorance.. just because he said what in his mind.. people think he is bluffing.. he just be himself. I hope he’s get up and face this proudly.. he did nothing wrong yet he’s apologized to public. Everything happen for a reason. What’s the reason? only God knows. If you read this sukkie.. my loves for you still same for the past 6 years never change. Take this as a learning to be more successful in your career. I hope to see you in new drama/movie this year. Saranghae KeunSuk-ah. Be a man we very proud about. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE.

    • Among his friends, only big brother openly supported him. The rest are probably scared to do so for fear of losing their popularity in Korea.

      • This is a fact of real life when a conflict of interest comes (friendship and business don’t meet) each person is trying to protect himself.
        Despite all that as a human being we can’t live alone and without (so called) friends. He is intelligent and will manage his relationships properly.

        This few days I got to understand the Reserved and obstinate logic of korean people and in the other hand his silence. He can’t tell us to stop supporting him, but as foreigners we increase the number of korean hater Yes it’s like that .He is Alone and tired ( don’t misunderstand me ! yes he have all of us ) but he still the son of koreans and he is trying hard to change the mind of all a nation by himself with no results. Now it’s more meaningful to let koreans eels dealing with them . All we can do as international eels is to support him in his new projects. With positive comments and let it go with all this TV show .

        I don’t want to demoralize Eel but we can’t change the mentality of all a nation, but every war has its own tactics

      • I believe his closed friends supported him but they may called him up directly like I would call up my close friend instead of messaging or via social network like tweeters.. what eels can’t see may not mean Suk’s friends didn’t support.. but I appreciate BB for showing his support to Suk openly.

    • No, Jang Keun Suk did NOT personally apologize to the public. He only apologized to his eels privately for not being able to see his new show, since eels were very excited that he joined the show. He apologized in his closed official fan clubs in Korea, China and very likely Japan (Tenshi can you fill in what he did for the Japan official club. I am only aware of his words in the other two official fan clubs.) His private words to his fans were stolen from his official fan clubs and subsequently published by the media, who distorted his words as a public apology. He never spoke to the media, let alone an apology.

      The only public statement was issued by TreeJ was a clarification to the false reports in the media. And TreeJ apologized to JKS for damaging his image.

      With such large and complicated transactions, I really believe he didn’t do his taxes on his own. It was done by the company. I believe him and therefore he doesn’t need to apologize for the media’s false reporting.

      • His message is the same as he posted in Korean FC website. But as you know, we can’t share the content in pinky although some media put it in their articles. Eels are asking to delete the part because it should be exclusive between eels and him.

  31. I just got the chance to drop by to the blog and am so touched by the support from fellow eels here. In this case, I trust him and Tree J only. I have also been dealing with tax both personally and for the institution I am co-heading for and it’s never a piece-of-cake matter. I am so sad that he has to apologise to eels because he thought he disappointed everybody but at the same time also proud of his being him: a real gentleman. Sukkie-ah, we all got your back!!! Zikzin always!

  32. That is a very wise move from him to only tell his story to eels. Media will distort everything about him. Sometimes,I feel that they (k media, some entertainment agencies, and some celebrities) are collaborating/conniving to pull him down. I come to the point that his so-called friends in the industry are ‘fair weather friends’.
    Sorry for my rant. I am expressing what I feel this time.

  33. I love korean drama because of him this is not fair for him. im very excited to watch him for this reality show but im very disappointed what is happening now. 3 days left because the airing and then the issue come out regarding his tax. no no no there is something wrong with this. Don’t worry as your eel we are here always to support you no matter what. we love you. eels from philippines. Good luck

  34. oh my g i’m so excited pa naman hayyyyyyyy hmmp kainis wala na sya sa show…actually when the news came out that he will be on that show, i think di yon pwede sa schedules nya kc super busy sya para makulong sa isang show na matagalan… pag may ganung show it will be base on his sched like zikzin radio wherein sya ang may say sa sched. opinion lang. magaling syang artist, marami pang darating sa kanya better shows, di sya mauubusan, kaya ang tax fees nya dadami pa so please hire the best person who will be responsible for that to avoid future inconveniences like that. we believe in you JKS, wish ko lang mabisita mo kami sa Philippines pls. may crush ka ba sa Pinas? or you that familiar sa mga artists dito? o baka naman sa japan at china nga lang… ok lang yon, as long as you are happy, di naman talaga nawawala ang problema, kayang kaya mo yan, with the help of your parents and friends and our support. basta you stay humble and always pray to God. be safe.

  35. One thing id like him because he is honest, he express what is in his heart and mind. he is not pretending that he is good but if you see in his eyes he is really a good person. In his generation he is more advantageous compare to the other star because he has everything. he is very talented one. dont worry as your eel we are always on your side to support you. don’t mind them prove to them that everything you do it’s gods plan. I pray for your success and more project to come this 2015. fighting….


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