3 thoughts on “[Teaser] TEAM H PARTY Raining on the dance floor TOUR DVD”

  1. I eant to ask, i
    Want to buy it but it’ll be the frist time to me to buy somethinge online
    Is there is something like i should book it fisrt before it release or what?!what should i do

  2. Love Sukkies flying kysses, his hairstyle, and boksing! ♥ I want both collectors and live edition. Can´t wait to get them. Hope it will be possible to buy them other places too, not just Koari.

    Thank you for sharing, Tenshi. The teaser just made my day. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing,Tenshi! I must have this DVD!
    Sweet Sukke is amazing! He lives at maximum intensity every moment of the show!


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