[article] Anita Martinez and Bicho Gómez will dance Kpop with Team H

Original source: extremista.com.ar
English translation: Pam LupeLuny from JKS Argentina and ECI

Anita Martinez and Bicho Gómez are going to dance “Driving to the Highway” by Team H in the program: Dancing for a Dream 2014.
Tonight begins The Korean music in “Showmatch” the dance contest in “Dancing for a Dream 2014” who is hosted by Marcelo Tinelli in channel 13.
In this highly anticipated round of Kpop, Anita Martinez and Marcos “El Bicho” Gómez are going to dance the song “Driving to the Highway” by Team H, a south Korean duo formed by Jang Keun Suk and Kurt Jung (Big Brother).

The Kpop is a music that causes furor in adolescents today. Although It is not very popular in our country, there are many fans who write to the different media in order to promote their favorite artists and ask for articles and their music.

This time, the contestant pairs will have to coordinate their steps with other four dancers. This type of dance is very complicated, especially because all famous and dreamers have had many problems in synchronized dance.

In the KPOP, the Bicho Gomez and Anita Martinez will be dancing the theme “Driving to the Highway” by Team H. The Letter “H” that the band has in the name comes from “Han Yang” (University), the place where the group gave its first presentation.

One important thing is that many famous are interested in the incorporation of Korean music in “Dancing for a Dream” For example last night, after being saved for the judges in the duel of Arabic music; Eleonora Cassano confessed that if she would have been eliminated, she would have asked the production to let her dance the Kpop.

Pam LupeLuny´s note: “Dancing for a Dream” is “Dancing with the Stars” in Argentina but the official name of the program is Showmatch. The “Bicho” Gomez and Anita Martinez are famous artists.They are going to dance “Driving to the Highway” by Team H this Thursday in the television program Showmatch! It’s the first time that Team H is going to be listening in all Argentina! We are so proud and happy for that^^!!

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  1. Thank you for the translation. They have even used video from JKS Argentina you tube channel!! Argentina´s eels must be happy and proud now. 🙂

    Hope they will play the original song in the show. “Dancing with the stars”- show in my country has own band that sings all songs.


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