[ENG-SUB] JKS’ surprise visit to TSUTAYA_20141003

UPDATE: hard-subbed one is now available

English translation: tenshi_akuma (JKS part only)
Hard-subbed and Uploaded by Soshemans KZ from ECI



12 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS’ surprise visit to TSUTAYA_20141003”

  1. Such an amazing person is he! Jang Keun Suk never fails to surprise his fans, his eels. He really works hard in whatever he does, no wonder he also gets a lot of love from his eels and am sure from others as well. I for one was not really a fan, until I’ve watched his drama. YAB and Marry Stayed Out All Night and Bel Ami. Since then and after reading about him from the blogs of eels such as this ( thanks much Tenshi and the other administrators of this blog) and stories, I have never turned back and continues to draw inspiration from this great person. I really wish him success in all his pursuits, ( his music, his Postgrad studies, his acting and in his personal life). I pray that he will continue to be inspired as he gives inspiration to his eels. I have to admit that I have never followed a celebrity on twitter but I am now following him! I have never admired this much a celebrity also before until JSK! Such charm and sincerity oozing from JSK! Cheers JSK! Know that your eels love you much!

  2. Im a filipino ell who admired his much, i don’t know him before i discovered him after i watch his drama your beautiful, pretty man, and love rain i like him very much. He is a good actor, singer, entertainer in his generation. That’s why i want to go korea for him. I pray for his success everyday. His very talented person and his smile very clear for us. Keep up the good work JKS your very blessed among them. We love you with all our heart.

  3. I hoped you would translate this. Thank you as always Tenshi! 🙂

    Next week are 2 Team H´s concerts in Osaka and his autograph session in Tokyo. I can imagine how excited eels who will attend these events are right now! Looking forward to new pictures, and hopefully new videos. 😉

  4. Thanks Momo, it’s great to know that Jang Keun Suk have this positive effect on his eels. Let’s continue to spread this positivity! Cheers!

  5. prince sukkie loves to work and at the same time he love to surprise his eels. i admire him so much for being the nicest person on earth.. im so proud of him…keep up the good work our prince..

  6. Thanks Ms Tenshi,for this video we are eels so proud of his effort to pleased us all thanks to him, love you forever my PrinceJKS

  7. OMG,!!! What a handsome salesperson for Tsutaya, I would have been swooning in front of this part time salesperson. Congratulations to all who had the opportunities to breathe the same air as his.


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