8 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS at TEAM H PARTY Saitama_20141102”

  1. Has anybody seen ep 48 of “the return of superman”?
    It shows the fight of Yoshihiro Akiyama and sukkie’s appearance to support him.
    During breakfast Shiho says that JSK is coming to the stadium and then Sarang picks up JSK’s picture 😀 (very intresting that she still remembers him) 😉
    The grandfather asks if she likes JSK and she says NO :)))
    She is very cute ^^

    • Thank you for mentioned it.:) I have just seen it. The whole episode is on KBS World on you tube. Sarang really remembered Sukkie! 🙂

      So nice of Sukkie to support his friend. He traveled all the way to Japan that weekend just to support Akiyama. Watching Akiyama´s wife while she was watching his fight on TV was painful.

  2. I just love his body language. He is always innovative. Look at the first photo and see how he expressed his pride and happiness. Just simply love and adore him, my Sugar.


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