9 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS arrived at Incheon after Tongyi event_20141024”

  1. So handsome without makeup. So he is back to Korea. I am on holidays with my family. Planning to have dinner at Collecte De Zikzin tonight. My so and husband will also join although they think that I am crazy. Yes, I am!!! Kkkkk

    • I just came back from Collecte De Zikzin having dinner with my husband, my son and his girl friend. The food was good, I learned from
      The napkins that Team H will be in Japan at the beginning of November for 2 days and again towards the end of Nobember. I do not have time left in Japan to join :((

      • Oh, Sudie, so sad you can´t stay a little longer. 🙁 Didn´t you know they have 2 concerts in Tokyo next weekend? Team H have also Halloween party in Japan on Friday.

        But you are lucky that you have visit Collecte De Zikzin, and probably buy some Sugar stuff. 😉

  2. our sukkie is so fashionit and handsome! i love you baby.

    I want the same model of his iphone.
    that model is?. I beleive that his iphone is an apple iphone 6 (white).

  3. Thanks Zoe. Yes, I learned from his shop about the Team H concert at the beginning of Novber. Since I have to go back to my work so I miss it!!! So sadddd.


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