10 thoughts on “[Pics-5] JKS at Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024”

  1. Park Shin Hye just love to touch Prince Sukkie I notice also that she’s always the one who would initiate to take photos with Sukkie, she’s a lovely girl. If they would date, I don’t mind, PSH would surely takes care of him. Now I can see what Mama Jang saw in her, that’s why she wants Shin Hye to be her daughter-in-law.

      • I’m not a Geunshin shipper just in case you got that impression. My priority is Sukkie’s happiness, and I love people like Shin Hye who is close to him and who obviously care a lot about him. In fact I got used to be crazy of Yoonsukkie couple but that’s out of the picture now. 😀

      • i am happy because our sukkie pays NO attention to overrated shin hye. 😀 i don’t love girls like shin hye. her personality looks so fake. shin hye always trying so hard to be close to the most handsome and famous male celebrities.

  2. LOL XD. this is so funny to see how park shin hye is trying so hard to be closer to our sukkie like a real couple, but our Sukkie does not give her much importance 😀 bcos he just sees her as his little sister. no doubt she is in love with our sukkie, I do not blame her because our sukkie is perfect. Now i’m more sure that Our Sukkie just wants her as a sister or one of his best friends.

    thanks tenshiiiii.

  3. I always love Sukkis pictures from FM in Chengdu last year. He started to film Bel Ami right after that FM. Looks stunning in that black outfit.

    He has beautiful face. Long hair, short hair, hat, caps, knit cap, bright colour, dark colours, everything looks good on him.

    But his pictures from FM in Chengdu in 2013 are always special to me. Can´t help it. 😉


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