4 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS at Tongyi C Girl Pageant_20141024”

  1. Sukkie so handsome and gorgeous. i love you baby.

    OMG! park shin hye is trying so hard again to attract the attention of our sukkie, but sukkie is so kind and sweet, obviously he does not give her much attention. this is so obvious that she is in love with him, but Sukkie only sees her as a sister or friend. well!. herself confirmed it, mama jang wants her as her daughter in law, but sukkie sees her just as his little sister.

    tbh, park shin hye loves to attract the attention of handsome men, but the most (99.9%) of handsome men don’t fall in love with her. Even the actor Kim woo bin likes krystal but not park shin hye. lol . poor park shin hye. 🙁 lol. :D.

  2. definitely, our sukkie is more close with Taiwanese artist than with park shin hye during the tongy C girl. our sukkie looks happier and comfortable talking with Taiwanese artist.


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