[flash news] Love Rain Movie Theater Version will be released as DVD on January 7th, 2015

Original source: Love Rain official website

Some of you have already known that Love Rain Movie Theater Version was shown in Japan last year, and started to be sold as a digital movie content on iTunes and Google Play. But finally the DVD and BluRay will be released on January 7th, 2015. We were looking forward to the news that would be shown in other countries but Japan, but unfortunately not yet realized. This DVD is released in Japan, so it must be region code 2 and no English subs. I hope this DVD version will be released with English subs and region free at least in other countries. Please wait and see the update news 😉
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24 thoughts on “[flash news] Love Rain Movie Theater Version will be released as DVD on January 7th, 2015”

  1. … thanks U, tenshi ^^ <3

    Article about Love rain: …. 2014.10.18 (NEW)Love Rain.

    『運命の恋』編 /『禁じられた愛』編がついにパッケージ化!





    レンタルDVD:『運命の恋』編 /『禁じられた愛』編

    公式サイト http://loverain.jp


    * This is an article about L.R., I do not speak Japanese, but this article talks i a part about how Love Rain "movie ver." mobilized a large audience. ^^

  2. This is very good news!!! Thank you Tenshi! I have been waiting for the movie. I´m curious to see which scenes are included in the movie. Don´t mind about english subs. I have watched Love Rain so many times that I don´t need translation. LOL 😉

  3. I have to admit that Love Rain made me an eel :). I am looking forward to more updates on this… will surely get the DVD to complete my ‘Love Rain’ collection ;). Thanks for the info, Tenshi <3

  4. YAyyyyyyyyyy!! love rain <3 i want this DVD movie version too.

    Yoona and sukkie were awesome and so beautiful couple together.

  5. Sukkie was great in Love Rain. The first four episodes were heartbreaking and tender the rest was mega beautiful. I adored Seo In Ha / (Jun in only three seconds I fell for him)

  6. Love Rain/ Sarang bi movie version . i’m so excited, i can’t wait .
    Love rain was the most epic and genuine korean drama. Sukkie and Yoona were so perfect match.

  7. Love rain is the best drama ever. I watched so many korean drama but this is the best. Yoona and Jang Geun suk they are perfect match even in real life I love them both.


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