4 thoughts on “[Pic] Jang Keun Suk ad at Lotte Busan Hotel”

  1. Gorgeous and steaming. My Sugar Prince is so good looking. Short hair, long hair, skin head, deadlock, his nice head shape could take them all. The only style that I have never seen is the Afro style. If you read this Sugar, try once for me please.

    • LOL, Sudie don´t give him ideas! Sukkie has never been afraid to try something new. We don´t want Afro style. 😀

      He is always super handsome, but I still love his long hair the most. His hair in Fan Meeting in Chengdu in October 2013, and his hairstyle in the first episodes of Bel Ami is just perfection. And his blond ponytail in “Beautiful change” MV is just the cutest ting in the world. 😉


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