13 thoughts on “[Pics] Lotte Duty Free Instagram_20141007”

  1. Oh my baby boy soooo handsome! I love your smile and your beautiful clear and naive soul! You are an angel on earth!! Saranghe Sukke!!

  2. My Sugar is superb because he is so naturally humane. He is so handsome with a lot of imperfection on his face either his uneven eyes, his crooked teeth. But he never hides them. It is so natural and I just love the way he smiles, laughs, and cries. Because of his confidence he shines so brightly. I don’t think that the physical look that makes him most handsome. It is his attitudes and cares for his work that makes him excel. He always gives it all with the second mile spirit showing in his motto “Zikzin” . I never fall for any star in my life and here I am falling for this only one and my one.

  3. wahhh, beaufiful smile!
    Oh Bad English, perhaps you made ​​this song thinking of JKS? Lol.

    When I see you smile I can face the world, oh oh,
    you know I can do anything
    When I see you smile…

    Arigato sis Thensi.

  4. He is so perfect! I wod chane anything his face is so perfect like that, his eyes perfect color perfect shape, perfect smile, perfect everything!!! I lie him!!!


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