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  1. I think he should be focusing on choosing a nice project insted of this uselss parties if he want his popularity to rise again . Cuz all he is doing recently is get drunk and chose a bad project god he need a god slap in the face to get him back to reailty cuz is is soooo far behind his collages

    • Hi Alex! I disagree with what you said about Team H project as useless. This is another venue for Sk to showcase his many talents. And by the way who are we to judge on whatever project that he wants to do? With all honesty, his talents is beyond what we can imagine. He is always a prime mover, innovative with many ideas. He is always ahead of trend and than his contemporaries. Your claim that he is behind than he colleagues is wrong. In the first place, he does not compete with them. He choose his own path.And try to observe some of his contemporaries, some of them are even trying to venture what he did for past few years. Its a proof that many of them realized that the strategy that Suk is using is more effective than what the great entertainment industry in Korea has been doing. I will not wonder anymore that some of them will imitate Zikzin radio in the future.

      • Well its true that is is on his own path but he said he dreams a about success in his own country and he is sooo behind his collages and not even considered a famous in Korea people over there just forgot about him their i dont even hear his name in anymore in any poll and awards or any event its just japan and maybe china is on his said otherwise he has nothing and he does nothing but choosing lame project like bel ami insted he could have a rating brake in empress ki ! Its heart me so much when i read about he is so forgotten now even stupid young actors are no more popular !

    • I will have to disagree on the ‘uselessness’ of Team H that you have claimed, Alex. Team H is his side project in which he can express himself and exercise his talent as a DJ plus (+ entertainer). Team H had been invited to perform to some big stages both in Korea (UMF) and Japan (this is including the two years in a row performing in Summersonic, the biggest festival of its kind in Asia with lots of International Big Names in their line-ups). This year, Team H also got a good reception from non-eel audience both in MTV Zushi Fest and A-Nation Festival (Japan). With those kinds of achievement, I dare not say that this is a useless project :). And about him being ‘far behind’ his colleagues? who are these colleagues you are referring to? to me Jang Keun Suk has his own list of impressive achievement already- which can’t simply be compared to other stars of his generation. Well, if you look at ‘acting’ as the only indicator, perhaps he hasn’t been recognised as the ‘excellent’ actor on the basis of getting an ‘excellent actor’ award yet. But we all know how this award system goes, don’t we? 🙂 Anyway, as a fellow eel (I suppose you are one, too), I do hope that you will support him in whatever project he has decided to do one day, including his Team H project, no matter what the result will be :).

    • Before addressing “useless parties” comment, I would like to tell you that I have a serious problem with your “good slap in the face”comment. That is just so derogatory, harsh, cruel, shocking, and totally uncalled for. How can anyone talk like this about JKS!!!!! I won’t even use such words for my little boy and JKS is a 27 years old entrepreneur and entertainer. He has earned our respect, he is who is by sheer hard work and determination, nothing was given to him on a silver platter. Just the image you paint, makes me cringe. Please don’t use such abusive words for him.

      About the “useless” parties. JKS and BB are recording artists and just released a new album. Every recording artist embarks on “tours” to promote their album and increase awareness and sales. That’s what “Raining on the Dance Floor” concerts are along with a way to bond and have fun with their supporters. When should Team H promote their new album? Next year?? They have worked hard on this album and it has ranked favorably on Oricon chart. It is part of their job to promote this album. As for his career as an actor, JKS has said repeatedly on Zikzin radio that his fans should wait for him to make his decision about which script he will like to work on. He is aware his fans would soon like to see him in a drama or a movie. It is a smart move to accept a new acting project when he finds the right script that inspires him. Fame and popularity shouldn’t be the reasons for JKS to accept a project that he doesn’t want to. He has freedom to choose the work he wants to do.

    • Me too have to disagree with you that Team H is useless. Like the others already said, it’s a showcase, started as a schoolproject, JUST FOR FUN, a side project for him and BB’s many talents and just TO HAVE FUN with it. Now with 3 CD’s and many concert tours, parties & festivals one can’t hardly say it’s useless…they have made a lot of people happy already.
      He is innovative, fresh, surprising and unprecedented…and all from his (and BB’s) own brain… Maybe some can’t see the value of it (now)nor is it everybodies taste but it has already proven it’s value.
      Did you really think some things that are going on in the K-industry are not copied from him…

      He is far behind with what???..he is not as productive as who? or did you ment to say he does not play in those lame 13 in a dozen drama’s, overly promoted and they even dare to give people awards for liveless acting…come on….really.
      He is not a production cow like his “collegues” that I agree..he is a free range chicken (LOL)
      Those collegues are mostly not free to chose their own projects but has to do whatever the companies decided/dictates/find fit in their plans for them to act, sing, say or do..
      Some even have to go singing (or acting for that matter) while they are not even good nor comfortable with it but just for the sake of competition; to be also multi talented and of course the ‘OL money..because there will always be fans who will support so…katjing katjing…
      Same goes for the commercials..most of them don’t even use nor support the products they are selling while knowing their fans will buy…

      Suk is in NO competition with anyone (as far as we know)…but himself…and that is a challenge on it’s own.
      He is overflowing with talents and ideas and his aim is to have freedom in using them to achieve his own bigger dreams.
      Those dreams might not be what we all want for him. But it is ok..because they are clearly his own. For that alone I have utmost respect for this young man…he dares to have his own dreams. Despite his own countrymen are “against” him he managed to stay alive and kicking, while they outcast him yet he can walk with his head hold high because his conscience is clean he knows he did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. It must be really awkward somehow for Korea to know he is big and respected outside their country and people questioning why such a good man is not big in his own country…and all they have to say is being contracticted by JKS’s behaviour.

      Alex I assume you are a big eel too and you want the best for him…We know you do…. We all want that.
      But following Suk is not about the awards nor the numbers of productions but about him and his quality quest and we celebrate that…saying this I don’t mean he does not want them but he must have a good feeling about getting one (and not because his name does not appear in the so called hitlist he does not count..only want to remind you eels are boycotting those korean award shows since they are not free of manipulation)

      When I see the happy smiles and the warm and settled glow in Suk’s eyes lately… keeping in mind all the bad news in the K industry or Asia entertainment industry for that matter that keeps popping up lately; I keep remembering the lessons and messages of BEL AMI .that prove it’s worth in my humble opinion..it’s like fortune telling.
      “all he is doing recently is get drunk and chose bad projects” without incriminating anyone but most Koreans drink Alex…at least he is open about his drinking once awhile…he’s not into drugs, slapping, tattoos or other bad-ass behaviour..

      Well I’m one of the many happy eels..one that will go to his Team H party…bring it on!!

    • I disagree with you. I have been following him for more than 3 years. He was introduced to me by my daughter aged 37. I am very impressed with him watching a video about his life made by international eels. I found out that his fans age range is so wide from very young girls to senior citizens like me. There is no divide when you like someone and people do not know when you love someone and with what reason. If it is just the look it could just be a crush. Millions of eels can think and rethink WHY. We come to this place from different windows that are wide open to us by dedicating eels. It is heart broken when someone attacked him like this.

      I and my daughter attended his Team H concert live at the ring side 2 years ago. The “What is Your Name? ” was a great fun. He used water gun, danced, played with his audience, and entertained us. He did it perfectly. He could make us so excited and joyful with all these. How could one complained about his behavior. A boy who is so responsible for himself, his family, his colleagues, his team, and most of all his audience. If you had to start working at the age of 5 in this entertaining business and you are still a Mr. Clean with millions of fans following. For whatever reason that you attacked him and Team H, especially BB, I would like you to rethink about this. Who can ever be better? His playfulness,mischief and naughtiness are what we love. So please do not attack him like this. It is too cruel and unreasonable for people in entertaining. Circle.

    • Dear Daryl Lade, NoonaEel, Abha Aggarwal, Mamacri , Sudie… and many eels in this blog.

      Reading all your comments, I’m so touched with your love, devotion and loyalty you have for JKS. I’m feel so PROUD of you all for being respectful, kind, nice, loyal and reasonable human’s beings.

      Alex……I have realized a while back that you almost never wrote any nice about JKS in this blog. Honestly, I do not care if you like, dislike or even hate JKS…so be it. If you are mad and angry……that’s your own life. Your words or actions will not affect or reflect any body, but yourself..!!!

      I’m not angry or mad or sad about what you wrote. I’m actually amused by your comments…. You know what, without your comment here, many eels won’t have any things much to say or write about….LOLL

      • Amyli, I would like to think she is young, very young. A person with years of living behind them would neither use such language nor react with such frustration at an artist’s choices. I am sure as she gets older, she will realize life has to be lived a day at a time, not in haste and she will calm down and get more patient. I sincerely do wish her all the best in life and hope she has lots of wonderful experiences as she travels on this road of life.

      • I think you must be right, Amyli. Alex is probably very young.

        I think Alex that you are just trying to get some attention. It´s not the first time you write in a such direspectful way about JKS.

        You know that we love, and respect JKS. You know that eels will response immediately when you write things like that about him. Hope you are happy now. You have got our attention for a while.

      • I myself hv another thought. Analyzing from commenting tone, and writing style, I assume that s/he and two other commenters in this blog are the same person. hope it’s wrong. Actually I dont hv the urge to comment but I really want to share my -shallow and negative- thought. sorry guys.

        P. S. Mr. Jang and commenters here are another factor that made me think and analyze things more deeper, not to mention including the smallest details informed here, ex: commenters behaviour in exspressing their thought . Their thoughts brought me smiles, laughters, tears, emphaty and anger. The anger came from thoughts like above and at the same time I feel sad and questioning what is the benefit of making such thoughts.

        To admins, please dont delete her/his comment. thank you

      • Haha dont worry guys alex is just worried for him and wishes the best for him thats all . I’m her freind and we both are a loyal eels since 5 or 6 years she and i are the same age which is 21 she is a really good and fun person but she was probably worrying about his future she loves him very much trust me 😉

      • It’s nice to know that Alex is worried about JKS. But i think words/phrases such as “useless parties”, “bad project”, “slap on the face”, etc… are not good to show/express her worries about him. Anyway, we still respect her opinion and comment for the sake of “freedom of expression”. In behalf of other eels, I hope that Alex will learn more about JKS and probably will change her thoughts about his activities.

      • I think alex sis thinks too much.kkk..please calm down sis. I know she has the same worries as us but please be careful with ur words sis..please use appropriate words if u want to comment so others wont feel offended. the thing is simple..think as ur words is the way u talking to a real person. if u talk to keun suk like that..what do u think he would feel. ur comment might not wrong just choose the right word..please..

      • Dear Alex and Randa, it’s good to know that Alex loves JKS and worries about him. Please do not feel that other eels are attacking you here. We are expressing our different thoughts :). Since both of you are still 21 – that makes you girls 11 years younger than I am ;p- I consider both of you as our younger sisters. Alex, I think you have already understood that life can be so much more complicated than it seems- especially ‘life’ for K-stars in a ‘competitive and cruel’ world like K-Pop, especially for the one who doesn’t want to just go with the flock like our Jang Keun Suk. Everybody in this pond has mutual concerns about Jang Keun Suk. All of us want him to get a good project and get a recognition he deserves. However, Jang Keun Suk is a person on his own- we do not (and never will) own him. He has his own choices and decisions. All we can do as a fan is trying to support him and wish him all the best. One thing that I like the most from Jang Keun Suk is his being reflective. He is aware of his failure and never shy to admit it. The next time he gets up after being down, he does it better. ‘Bel Ami’ might not be the ‘hit’ series in its country. However, have you heard the saying ‘one’s trash is another person’s treasure’? Just fyi, in a country such as the Phillipines, ‘Bel Ami’ got a high rating. So, just because it’s not favoured by the Korean public, it doesn’t mean that it’s ‘trashy’. It’s a matter of different taste and appreciation, I would say. The same thing goes to his Team H project. For some, they might not understand his choice of music genre. But for some others, this kind of music he has been playing gives them energy. I’m one of the latter. Can’t wait to see the boys performing in Saitama in November! 🙂

      • Thanks Randa for telling us about Alex.. I’m sure you and Alex are a good eels and very passionate loyal ones..
        But Alex is young and I know society nowadays puts a lot of pressure on young people..esp in Asia..one have to perform…achieve..achieve…over achieve; stay in the ratrace and even change yourself outer and inner if it takes that to suite the society …
        But since we are older and more experienced in life we know that society must not be that way. We all are individuals and each have special talents and timing. We simply can not be all doctors and engineers nor on top of everything our whole life. The society is not ment to be that way. So me saying that I hope that youngsters won’t feel pressurized to be anything different than themselves. Just do your own thing with your own merits in your own time. Don’t let others push you in doing things you don’t believe in nor support. You are precious as individuals…life is hard enough without thinking of competition the whole time… please try to enjoy your life while you are living it.

    • Oh my God !!!!!!!
      Dear alex I want to be as neutral as possible, you created a very big and considerable controversy in this blog.
      I hope your inconvenience against JKS will eventually subside gradually.
      Seen your age, it’s really understandable. This is the ferocity of youth 🙂
      Certainly all the eels would like him to choose a remarkable drama that hits and receives the best trophy.
      But it’s important to respect the feelings of others, and do not hurt, them by saying comments like that !
      Because everyone loves him in his own way. And everybody can not accept your hard words !
      I’m pretty sure that JKS represents your ideal and your idol as well as he is an inspiration for many people.
      Everyone wants him on a pedestal.
      But the reality is something else and the Korean showbiz is known to be corrupt and far from being clear and this clean.
      he is alone against a monstrous and an entire industry.
      You have to understand the stress that he endures daily.
      So even though he made ​​a bad choice on certain projects we have no right to blame him because it is not voluntary on his part.
      We often forget that the artist is a human being only god is perfect, Complete and FLAWLESS
      I know very well that you love him but Neutrally, It’s his own life, not ours.So take it easy alex.
      Finally he still has his mom who scold him when it’s necessary 😉

      • Maybe I’m late but I have to tell you This ALEX I know you came this blog because of IU sorry but I feel you are not a true eel of JKS I read your comments before and I don’t like it your so disrespectful to our Prince… if you don’t like JKS just leave this blog alone… Maybe if somebody tell you that she want to slap your face maybe you will die of anger ALEX please if you don’t want that somebody do it to you don’t do it to anyone THANK YOU ALEX

  2. I see that you had fun, I’m glad to see you laugh. JKS you’re really beautiful in every way.
    Thank you Thensi for the pics.

  3. Beautiful pictures.. This stage is totally different from the “I just wanne have fun” stage…bravo!!
    So happy to see him working together with another Indie musician again, the gitarist from ToXic; first was Eastern Sidekick …he is a “big” promotor from beginning ….he even acted as an Indie musician lol…Well a good breather from the “…..” K pop 😀

    Team H you got this old heart thumping again…I remember to have fun again, dare to let go of the chain society put on me once awhile…thank you

    I’m looking forward to your acting project, needless to say it will be worthwhile for you do nothing without deliberation

  4. U reminded me so much of Hong Kong Oppa Leslie cheung 張國榮. That is both of u are All-Rounders. U are as good as his reborn from korea. ♥

  5. U reminded me so much of Hong Kong Oppa Leslie cheung 張國榮. That is both of u are All-Rounders. U are as good as his reborn from korea. ♥

  6. I like him the way he is. He is good in acting also in singing he has many talent. i dont understand why korean people did not appreciate him. he is a good actor. I saw him in his drama love rain is amazing.

  7. To My Dear Jang Keun Suk (If you ever come to read this blog someday…..)

    In this one life-time of mine, I’m forever THANK YOU to you for making my life fills with multiple colors, meet and interact with many good friends.

    Being eel and knowing some eels, are one of the best things happened for me. I have received nothing but good friendship, joy and laughter from knowing you. I’m just feel so so happy seeing your sweet smile, hearing your voice, and enjoying your dramas, movies, concerts, Fanmeeting, Shows….any things that represents you. If I don’t enjoy your works, I won’t be called one of your super eels, right?!! Hahahaha…

    I am just as proud knowing you have chosen your own paths to walk on, on this earth with your own free-will, no matter your paths are not recognized by some people, no matter your chosen productions are not favored by some people, no matter some people think your duties and works seem useless to some people. But, my dear, believe me, what you have done for yourself, your fans, and your employees, and your family are all admirable actions.

    You have set as HIGH mark for many people to follow or try to follow you. Always be PROUD of your accomplishment, my dear. The most challenging things for any Artist to face are to conquer your own fears, be able to do things with your own free-will, and most importantly, doing things with self-respect and dignity intact.

    Many Artistes in this world become SUPER famous, but to what’s cause? What they have to lose and sacrifice to obtain that status? Some of them even lost their own soul and dignity in submitting to the devils to be the current HYPEs. For how long the HYPE will last? Most HYPEs don’t last long!! And when the HYPE has come to an end, when these people are no longer famous, what will happen to them? Who know?

    Dear JKS, please continue to pave your own paths and create your own stardom. Don’t worry that you don’t see your name list on the super HOT POLL list or award ceremony anymore. Those events belongs to the current HYPEs or newcomers.

    My dear JKS, you have been there and done that!!

    Your STAR status is very strong and high, many people know your name already, even those people who hate you, know your name. I bet… that many of the NEW Bloomers like now, are trying their hardest to achieve your position in the ShowBiz, and to have what you have.

    Don’t worry about people (many of your fans) leave you and go like and follow other STARs. These people are just fans who enjoy chasing the current HYPEs and will continue to chase after the NEXT best HYPE also….on and on…..they will not be loyal to any STARs in this world for so long.

    Dear JKS, even though people come and go, you still have many many loyal eels who will stay with you thru thick and thin, down and down of your career.

    I have all the confident in you that you will choose what the best for yourself, as an Actor Jang or Singer Jang or DJ-Jang or just main normal boy-next-door Jang.

    Please keep on ZikZin your own ways, don’t follow other people’s steps. Don’t ever chasing or trying to be like others. Whatever productions you chose, good or bad, are all based on your own chosen. No regret. Never regret your works, even you feel like you should have done them better…!!!

    Please live your life to the fullest and be happy in whatever you are doing!!!!

  8. Very handsome. I dont know him before i saw him in love rain. I like him very much. Keep up the good works dont forget to thanks god in every single day. you are blessed, many talents coming from him. You are truly my prince. I love him very much


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