[fan-cam] JKS arrived at Haneda from Gimpo_20140919

Credits: sanxsan xsan

Credits: suk kyon

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Credits: masayoppu

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16 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS arrived at Haneda from Gimpo_20140919”

    • Maybe this time was not his official visit to Japan. You can tell Makimura-san was wearing not a suit, but casual clothes. But eels were waiting to welcome him at Haneda airport after they knew he departed for Japan, so he kindly walked along with eels.

      • Kaori chan.. I’m laughing at the usual gesture of this airport arrival vid.. Suk looks like he is teasing eels in the smile…may be he want to see what is the reaction of eels to this! ^_^

      • Thanks for replying, Tenshi. I also noticed that Makimura-san wasn’t wearing a suit and I was wondering why. I think you’re right, it must be an unofficial visit to Japan, especially that he doesn’t have any planned concerts in Japan at the moment.

      • but the matter is his walking style and gesture. he look different. yes..perhaps just want to tease his eels. how many days he’s had hiding..feels like a long time not seing him.

  1. Why is he in Japan this time? Is he going to shoot for the next episode of Agent JKS? kkkk…. just hoping! 😉 I noticed also that there were few people with him this time, unlike his usual visits surrounded by staff. What could be happening, Tenshi? 🙂


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