22 thoughts on “[Trailer] KBS World re-run ‘Love Rain’ [Preview]”

  1. Oh yes the best choice for KBS to re-run this drama the best drama I loving it been watching this drama for 3-4 times,specially my prince play two character ,he always the best what ever he do

  2. OMG!! i love it drama!!!!
    Love Rain is the Most epic and the best kdrama of True Love!. My deepest respect and all my love for this drama!.

  3. yes I really love Love Rain. the best drama for me. this is the first Kdrama I watched almost a hundred time already from ep 1 to 20. I really love everything about this drama. after watching this, I became an Eel. for me this is the best work of JKS.

    • Love rain was my first K-drama, and my first “meeting” with JKS too. Love everything about it! Have seen some parts of Love Rain 1000th times. 😉 Love that part in the 5th episode when they are in the hot spring. I think Yoona was good too.

  4. I dont think love rain is the best jks’ s drama..but his acting is the best in there. cant wait for his next project.would it be drama or movie? of course most eels hope for drama because we want to watch him more than two hours movie.

    • Yep…drama has more hours of JKS..
      I hope the koreans will be ready for this drama for it takes sense to digest..it’s not a idoldrama about fashion, sholars and fast cars..
      Love Rain deserves to be broadcast again and again..
      I’m happy that KBS finally does something “right”

      • Hello Mamacri, I agree with You. I always respect and love all your comments.

        I think that Love Rain is a magnificent work of art and one of the best k-dramas, …. and not just a simple teen k-drama.

  5. Oh my i watched this drama 4x already ,will watch it again for sure:-) i love their acting and one of the best of JKS,can’t wait for his next tv.series.X

  6. LOVE RAIN is definitely one of the best kdramas, but also one of the best and magnificent masterpiece, for that reason Love Rain was the first kdrama of our dear Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk that was in one of the most important festivals in the world “the Cannes International Festival”(Europe) an great honor for a such magnificent masterpiece as Love Rain. Not everyone can participate in the Cannes International festival, because Your drama/film have to be the best among the best and even be a magnificent masterpiece.(To be 100% great quality).
    therefore, Love Rain deserved to be there and be known as one of the best in the world, not just korea or asia.

    * In Korea there are some bad dramas that did not deserve to have high ratings nor high popularity. but no matter if all those bad kdramas had high ratings and were popular in korea or all Asia, that does not matter because its quality will always be poor, bad and irrelevant., therefore these will never be accepted at the most prestigious international festivals such as Cannes.

    Ending, I’m very proud of our dear Actor/Idol Jang geun suk (He’s a great Artist). I will always support each of his projects throughout all his life. i love all his kdramas, films, music, etc.

    But undoubtedly, Love Rain is one of his best kdramas, plus Love rain is a magnificent and unique masterpiece. Actor Jang Keun suk and Actress Im Yoona did a great job together. I hope that in the future they can have a project together again. it’s just a wish ^^.

    thanks eels and tenshi!

    ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.


  7. Very happy to see this news. LOVE RAIN is a classic drama in the history of the world. The direction, locations, songs, story, acting was perfect. every costar was fantastic playing their part specially JKS playing the double role. His acting n expressions were mind blowing and incomparable. The best part was the ending in which most k-dramas lack. It was a full package of talented and quality work. I was very upset for lower ratings but knowing it was included in CANNES festival i feel like jumping. he also deserves the best actor award but now i feel no award can honour his extraordinary acting skills. I have lost counting how many times i have watched YAB and LOVE RAIN. This is the charisma of my PRINCE. The world will always remember you. Love you. Thank you very much for this blog.


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