[Trailer] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ movie theater version ~Story of the Beginning~

As we announced before in the post [Video] Promotional video for ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ movie theater version, finally the official trailer has been released! Previously this movie version was said to be edited with the episode 1, 2 and 3, but according to the trailer and the latest info about the movie, it seems to have been used all episodes. I’m not sure until we can see it in the theater though.

Credits: シネマトゥデイ

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  1. Dear tenshi

    Is it only JKS drama have theater version or other actors also have theater version in JAPAN? If only JKS drama have theater version that AWESOME!

    • ayan, from my understanding.. if there is a demand of audience for the drama or the actor, there will be theater version as most of those going to the movie are fans only and it is fun to have the whole theatre of fans watching Suk… Suk’s first drama with movie version shown was YAB a few years back.
      I learnt from Kaori chan before BM festival is the first of its kind in Japan by any artiste as most festival are held by multiple artistes for singing.. but for BM drama festival held in July, that was planned and organised by Suk himself for the 2 days event.
      The 2 days I see are mostly eels of Suk even he has invited other artistes or group to perform in the singing part.

  2. I watched Bel Ami on internet when it was broadcast in Korea, watched it on DVD, and watched Making Bel Ami. And when I see the trailer, I just think how much I want to see the movie. I can´t get enough of Dockgo Mate. Wonder if anyone else feel the same way. Haha 😀

    Thank you Tenshi for keeping us updated. I hope we can hear more about the movie when you have seen it. 🙂

    • Omg zoe you are so lucky to have seen the making !? Can’t you plz upload it on some accout plz ..i so want to see it ! Or at least tell me how was the atmosphere at the filming site .

      • Hi Randa! It was very sweet of you to say that, but I don´t have FC, have never had it. Maybe it´s a reason why I write a lot of comments here. Haha 😀 I really love to come here read updates about Sukkie and comments from eels. We are from different coutries and even different time zones, but I feel that our love for Sukkie bind us together. 🙂

        Hi Alex! The DVD was released a few weeks ago. I hope you understand that I can´t upload it on internet, sorry. You can say it was working atmosphere at the filming site. There are a lot of funny moments, but it´s not a DVD full of bloopers or anything like that. JKS looks very professional and concentrated.

        He was more chatty at the start, and than became more serious during the shooting in December. It looks like he was going through a tough period at that time, or maybe he was just exhousted. But you know how Sukkie is like. He is a good friend with a camera, he laughs, winks, he is very nice to people around him. It´s not easy to tell about the 4hours DVD. Ask if you wondering about something special, I will try to answer. I hope it´s ok for Tenshi. 🙂

        Have a great day everyone here. 🙂

    • Oh me too, at the same time as you Zoe. I watched every Epi first without subtitles and many times after with. Even now I have each JKSdrama at work and at home Lol in order to see his beautiful face every time I want Lol. I have BV, GHD,etc. So I have MMM for melancholic days, LR for the passionates, YAB for the greys and BA for the hopeless… but you have right i wanted more, LR and BA movie version and more…I miss him more and more.I am addicted to JKS and JKS4ever!

      • U just caught suk virus.kkk..there are no cure for that until now.just get ur daily dose of suk and u’ll be alrite.

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