9 thoughts on “[Pic-8] JKS at Korean film festival in Beijing_20140827”

    • tam, you’re right.. I’m glad to see Suk smiling throughout the Shanghai FM concert… the sparkles in his eyes are shining through to every eel… as he has mentioned in Zikzin radio, he has learnt to rest and relax when he needs to and also finding new ways to release pressure… the positive energy he radiates is even stronger now ^_^

  1. I agree with all my friends..
    when we see him laughing ,we get super energy & we can keep our doing with full energy..
    our prince smile is so beautiful ,as his face.
    Our dear prince!if u r happy ,we r happy too..
    tnx of ur smile

  2. Love to see him laughing heartily~!
    Hope he is taking a well-deserved break, and everything has been resolved.
    Can’t wait for him to surprise us with news of his next drama role. 🙂


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