3 thoughts on “[fan-cam 3] ZIKZIN MAN in Shanghai_20140831”

  1. I love Golddigger and also I’m so Ghetto…can’t wait to see Team H singing this song

    Sukkie you can never spoilt us too much with dancing sexy back… anytime anywhere..eels love you even more because of your big heart…

  2. Me too. Can´t wait to see Team H singing new songs on a stage. Isn´t broadcasting of the first day of Zushi fest on September 15th on japanise MTV? I really hope that we will get a chance to see it somehow.

    Suk is so so so adorable singing rap in that white suite.♥♥♥ Hicri have always the best pictures and videos. Does anyone know what Hicri is? Is it a JKS-fan club?


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