8 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS at Professor Choi’s retirement party_20140825”

  1. Is that Prof. Choi with JKS? How old is she? She looks very young! She is very lucky to be able to retire so young 🙂

    Hello everyone! Happy Sukkie Summer!!!

    • Hi Amyli! I think that prof is not young. I guess he was the one who kissed Suk during his graduation. And maybe that girl in the photo is one of Suk’s classmates in Hanyang? She is pretty.

      • Hi Amyli and Daryl Lade! I have read that the professor is her aunt. Lucky, lucky girl! 🙂 Sukkie is so cute here. So different from his “I just wanna have fun” pictures. LOL 😉

    • Hi Zoe! Ow really that prof is her aunt… just wonder if that is an aunt of his mom’s side, she is very beautiful like Mama Jang. yup Suk’s get up is so different compared when he has activities related to his work. Maybe that is Suk’s usual appearance during family get together.

      • Sukkies professor is the girls aunt. The girl is not in Sukkies family. She is just a lucky, lucky girl. 🙂 It was professors retirement party. I have also read that JKS was there with his manager. Sukkies family wasn´t there.

        I have just read that the girl has said that. Unfortunatly I wasn´t invited (just joking). LOL 😀

    • Daryl & Zoe,

      Thank you for the clarification! Now it makes sense. I did think that the woman in the picture looks too young to be a retiring professor :-). Sukkie sure was friendly…with his arm around her shoulder 🙂

      I am missing him in a good drama 🙁

      Have a great & happy Sukkie Day!


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