[article] ‘Prince of Asia’ Jang Geun-suk to Be Named as a Honorary Ambassador for ‘2014 Chinese-Korean Film Festival’

Credits: GET IT K
‘2014 Chinese-Korean Film Festival,’ which will be held in Beijing, China starts on August 27 showing 10 Korean films.

‘2014 Chinese-Korean Film Festival’ has been designed in order to commemorate an agreement Korea and China made on film co-production and to have Korea and China culturally interact with each other.

‘Prince of Asia’ actor Jang Geun-suk and a Chinese actress Bai Bai he who is well known for the movie ‘Agreement to Break-up’ will participate as honorary ambassadors in the opening ceremony for ‘2014 Chinese Korean Film Festival,’ which is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and China State General Administration of Press Publication Radio Film and Television.

10 Korean films such as ‘My Paparotti,’ ‘When a Man Loves a Woman,’ ‘Confession of Murder,’ ‘Blood Boiling Youth,’ ‘Very Ordinary Couple’ and ‘All About My Wife’ will show at the festival. Meanwhile, film ‘The Target’ has been chosen as the opening film.

‘2014 Chinese Korean Film Festival’ will be held in Beijing CGV from August 27 to September 3. It also will be held in Shanghai from September 10 – 17.

Written by Han Jihee, Photography by Tree J Company, Translated by Park Kayla

49 thoughts on “[article] ‘Prince of Asia’ Jang Geun-suk to Be Named as a Honorary Ambassador for ‘2014 Chinese-Korean Film Festival’”

  1. That´s good news. Thank you for sharing, Tenshi. 🙂

    Isn´t his concert in Shanghai on August 31st? That means he will stay in China for a several days. Lucky chinese eels! Looking forward to new “JKS at airport” pictures and videos. 😉

  2. Congratulation,cheering with you Prince !deserving!Beautiful Man will start to broadcast today on Philippine television
    every wednesday at 4:30 pm ABS CBN chan.2
    Thank you for our dear admin for always keep us updated.xx God bless to all 🙂 <3

  3. Congratulation!
    Our beautiful king!it is a good news for eels and our keun suk..
    chinese eels are soooooo lucky..i hope they have best time with our king sukkie
    Mr . jang!eels always be with u!dont forget!dont give up and keep ur zikzin!
    We support u till the end!cheer up our beautiful man.have many energy our kind prince..

    • There was a small incident which had been settled personally among themselves. JKS in person wasn’t directly involved although he was there. They apologised and apologies accepted. It’s just another ordinary incident but as you see, media tend to exaggerate 🙂

      • He is only human & needs a break once in awhile to release stress like a normal human being, but He is a public figure & I guess some people expect him to be impeccable at all time like an angel. Poor baby. This kind of news does not help his image in Korea. Stay strong, Sukkie! You can do it. Zikzin!

      • thanks. it really made me laugh. that’s a camp. noise is expected. oh well…he is the target again. it will make him stronger and tougher.

      • just a silly speculation, probably the writer wants to be bribed. thus the article is quite long and detailed. yes, I think its because its JKS who was with them thus they can make some drama and headlines about it.

      • finally,found news of our prince apologizing for the camping incident… so happy…this is the jks i know of..than you…

        KS apologized sincerely for the noise his camp created learning it disturbed a lot of people. This is so nice of him. He did this humbly many times in the past incidents.. even he may be wronged or not fully his fault.. and he don’t go into defensive mode when he was accused of something.

        The most recent one I saw is the BM FM June vid.. during the drawing section on stage.. he wrote the Japanese words wrongly and the MC corrected him on stage and it is so natural when he said “excuse me and sorry about that”.. it is a reflex action when he said sorry with a slight smile… the other incident is during the car accident with the bus on his way to airport.. despite he has to rush to airport to catch a flight to BKK for TeamH concert.. he took time to check on everyone on the bus to ensure everyone is ok and inform them to contact him for any follow up… I really salute this young man..

        Cr: Muimui Lim

    • fellow eels,i love jks with all my heart…having been introduced to him less than 2 years ago, i have been looking at his videos and interviews, getting to know him through them…to me he seems to be a responsible, intelligent, family-loving young man who respects women, his parents, his elders in the industry… he has served as my inspiration to expand my horizons as he encouraged us to pursue our dreams…he has suffered a lot but achieved his dreams, gone through depression and bounced back… experienced lots of disappointments in his home country even up to now..and now this camping incident…if this is indeed true, there is no excuse for his group’s disregard of the campsite’s rules of maintaining quiet beyond 11 pm..and i hope he himself will apologize for it, not just his agency… i love our prince so much i am trying to think of a reason why he let things get out of hand such that other people were affected..is our prince so lonely for friends he was willing to overstep social etiquette just to enjoy their company? drinking alcohol seems to be his weakness and i do hope the people around him will advise and protect him..we want him to be happy but his rollercoaster lifestyle may harm him soon…our prince,we eels love you so much…you give us a lot of happiness….we will always love you..please take care of yourself… and be always considerate of others…

      • my heart bleeds when i think that our prince is lonely… although such is not an excuse for breaking the rules…please be careful next time, dear prince…

      • tam, I think this media news is really to divert attention from other bigger and serious news.. actually I can’t help but find this news quite ridiculous as it would not happen in my country when campsite supposed to be fun and merry making till late hours….. the believe the real reason is not because of the noise from the camp… what I see is because one of the camper is JKS ^_^ So normally I’m not affected by this news as I see it as a gossip news from Korean media… just laugh over the news making techniques used in entertainment..

      • Tam dear..I understand you and yes…we all love JKS to bits….but still I fail to understand why our prince must apologize personally again for something he himself did not do. It is not proven that the situation was that bad as reported; because many others who were also camping out there contracticted the reports. JKS was part of a groupouting and he and some of the group already apologized and all was settled in good humor and harmony. his company (because it was a outing from the company?)apologize for the whole party…proper enough I should say
        If it was mere a group of normal korean youngsters or throw in all the other K-artists..this would not have made the news at all..
        Guess JKS was again decoy for other unwanted news..poor thing
        If that person still “spoke” to the reporters I find them very petty and vindictive after things already been settled, apoligies made and accepted..
        Do you resent him that much that you want to harm people like that?
        But if the reporters made the story up after some noice it is sure that this was ment as distraction
        Why the report said nothing about the others..why only JKS…he is like sitting duck for everyone?
        JKS is always but all too considerate and caring of others..
        Everybody who encounters him, on the streets or at work can only speak highly of him..
        This was not the first time he went camping with a whole bunch…and why was it different this time?
        I can only wish these petty people and so called reporters would use their energy to vent and speak up about other real injustice and crime/abuses that take place in their society. What pains me most..is that k-netizens can speak so venomously and carelessly. …like he had to be punished; what does he think..he is not better than anyone; always so impolite, so inconsiderate etc etc….time to go to the military so he can be taught a lesson…what hatred these people have…what twisted minds…knowing the reports of what happened these few months in their military.. soldiers fall victims to(sexual) harassments, bullying, mistreats; seniors/elders who abuse their powers to the point victim start to crack, ends up killing..and nobody cares…they are that afraid to speak up to the real world..?
        People forget that one day their sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and nephews might be one of the soldiers…they want them to be punished also by going to te “army” …
        Aigo; 2hrs extra fun of youngsters in a hot summer vacation can escalate to such a big fuss; while drinking and drunkenness is sooo common in SoKo, like second nature; it’s part of everyday social life; like BBQ…Soju is cheaper than water so to speak
        Since he is so honest about his drinking…to say that drinking is JKS’s weakness; maybe…but than there are a lot of weak people in his country; SoKo like Russia and a few other countries are amongst the highest of hard liquor consummers (adults; in all drama’s and movies there is a lot of drinking involved…..just saying; unlike others JKS can have no life in Korea I guess 🙁

      • mamacri, you are right…it made the news because our prince was there…i also read all the negative comments about the incident..some were too much.. he really did not do something wrong or against the law. but glad to know there were those who defended our prince too…actually i was just shocked at what happened because it was all so contradictory to the jks that i know…he always thinks of others, his friends, his eels, his staff…oh dear…guess they should just rent an exclusive place next time…at least there were reports that he apologized? i cant read korean so i do not really know the details…still, i love our prince … hope he will tweet or say something about this…

      • It pains me to read those ridiculus comments from some netizens. JKS is not perfect after all, he’s a human who commits mistakes, does unpleasant things sometimes, feels hurt, gets disappointed, enjoys being with his friends, gets excited, just like other people. The most important thing is that he apologized, admitted he does something wrong though he didn’t do it alone. It’s just so absurd that people do not look on great things he has done, rather they focus on finding mistakes from him. Anyways, there are more eels who support him than those who try to put him down. Sorry if I sound a li’l sensitive about this. 😉

      • mamacri,……..Thank you so much for express your thoughts beautifully. I love you. Yeapp..it’s not hard at all to say “I love you” or positive words to friends or other people. But BAD news always spread faster than good news.

        LOLLLLL… JKS is totally powerful man….he can make NEWs even at the forest Campground. This is the first I read bad news about a Artiste at the Camp site…so I could help myself…but laughing laughing so much about it. Then when I read those good people comments all type of negative things about him, I would have thought our Prince had caused the forest on FIRE to get sooo many hate comments from the so-called good neitizens.

        Ohhhhh…. Nooooooo…I thought wrong….. JKS’group of friends had too much fun and made “noise” in the forest. Wowww….what’s a big CRIME in the nation of South Korea.!!!

        When other Artists committed TAX fraud or used illegal drugs, of course, there are not much NEWs coverage about these issues. Go figure…..as expected from K-medias…!!!

        Any way, I don’t care about reading other artists’ BAD news or illegal issues. But if the Medias used Jang Keun Suk as a blaming duck or scapegoat to cover their south Korea beloved STARs…I am sad to see some Medias can be so “lowly” unprofessional. These Medias lost my respect for them.

        Oh saint above help me think more positive and send prayers to all those lost souls who have so much hate and sad life that they have to go to the internet website to say BAD and sad things about someone or group friends who made noise in the forest.

        To my dear Jang Keun Suk,

        I am PROUD of you that you offered an apologize to the campers regarding to this uproar incident even you were or might not be the one that made the “noise”. If those people are still bitter about this incident, just let’s them be,OK…. because it’s about all you can do.

        Dear JKS, Please….no more stomachache, OK, about this ridiculous news. You have proven yourself many times in the past that you always rise above those haters in every ways.

        Next time, when you want to go Camping with friends again, please come to USA, OK. There are many beautiful campsites in the US, where you and your friends can have fun partying, make BIG laughs and make as much noise as you want, all night long….no one care….LOLLL

        Please cheers and live life to the fullest..!!!!

        ZikZin all the way…!!!

      • From what i read, Jks personally apologized first to the person concerned when he was still on the camping site and it was settled right there…. his agency apologized just when the news came out to the public. Sukkie is a man enough to facenthe consequences of his actions.

  4. that is indeed really really good news!!!!!!!! congratulations AP

    I wonder is he named by the Koreans or invited by the Chinese?? both ways is good

    Anyway…this is indeed a Happy birthday carnical!!!!!!

    Wonder if he will dance on the Great Wall when he is in Beijing???..It’s still a promise only hope China security will let him do it

  5. Best news of the day. Congratulations, Prince, I’m so proud and happy for you! 🙂

    Let bygones be bygones, and let us zikzin run together with our Zikzin Man Suk!

  6. Why is there so much hate in Korea for my prince,when it comes to bad publicity about sukkie,they are very fast to post it on their various websites,but when it comes to good publicity,they are very slow to post on their websites,some of them don’t even post about it,so much hate towards him,but his star is too bright for them to dim,keep shining brighter my prince.zikzin

  7. Life is such especially for celebrity, the not so good news spread fast.
    JKS had fun but must know the limit when you party and get drunk
    Anything can happen !!!!!

    • Well in today Singapore paper the articles says :-

      “Camping site staff privately expressed JKS really been here, there are a few female counterparts body fair, “do not know the identity of female friends is not the artist, but all seems quite beautiful”

      Like what I say JKS has to be careful, just don’t wish that he is another PSH ( a one night stand end up being accursed of rape) because he is such a bright star.

      • Sukkie is just a normal person. He is allowed to have frends, and live a life. He didn´t do anything horrible. It was just a party!! And he even apologized. He is still the same nice person he was one week ago.

        I´m sorry, but I don´t understand why people still talk about that. I know that some eels just worry for Sukkie, but I hope this discussion will end soon. No hard feeling, I hope. 🙂

    • Meriem, it is JKS solo tour.. not TeamH tour. The Zikzin man tour should be like a FM plus concert concept.. but we also not sure of the details as it could be another brand new format from Suk.

  8. Congrats jks.u deserve it. I believe if this article popup in alkpop.they still like to bashing him.so..lets ignore them.just believe what we believe. Dont need to make the antis to believe what we believe cause they never want.their job is just bashing.let it be..ive read those negative comments yesterday and so glad there are eels who defends him.im not saying he’s innocent or not. Sometimes. .they just going overboard.

  9. I am so proud of our boy! In fact, it’s always a great ambassador! Thanks to him, many people have learned about life in Korea and the people of this country.
    He definitely deserves this role and he will do great! 🙂 <3
    How about that so-called scandal about his exit with friends, we have to get used to the fact that whenever he feels better, soon appear "experts" who find subjects of controversy about him … They are some unhappy people, deprived of inspiration.
    Jang Keun Suk is a young man with respect for the people around him! I
    I think it's a shame for those reporters who can't find topics and with their boots come in the life and intimacy of a man who does not bother anyone. Sitting on the prowl and follow a man who works hard and miraculously finds time to go out with friends, not a proof of professionalism !!! Dear JKS, I'm glad that you managed to get out with friends and I'm sad that you could not fully enjoy these moments! Dear JKS! We are beside you and I'm ashamed of those people who don't know you but they are able to judge you…. 🙁

  10. FELICIDADES a JANG KEUN SUK por ser llamado embajador honorifico en china, espero que lo inviten tambien a conducir parte de el evento

  11. A great new and i am looking forward to see our dear JKS walking on the red carpet to do the opening. The 20th century Asia Prince 🙂

  12. is there anyone who can tell me why our prince is always being hated by his own countryand why those people always want to harm him that much?? is korean people crazy or something? how can they hate person like him! but anyway there are more eels who support him than those who try to put him down ,your eels always be with you we love you forever, my rince

    • JKS’s eel… actually I would like to show you a vid here to show Koreans love Suk too as even my own experience in Seoul early this year, I find general people on the streets these days are… the question you asked actually I have asked many times myself until I got to know from Korean eel themselves….. Did you notice most of us got the idea he is hated by Korean because of the bad press from Korea for little minor things…which spread to elsewhere of the world.. when other Korean artistes normally don’t have that much on little minute things, if it does spread, it is the serious things like taking drugs, violence etc.. I learnt from the Korean eels sharing that in Korea, some media reporters actually got bribed by big entertainment companies to write good things about the artistes they manage, and some of these reporters also threaten those artistes/smaller company who didn’t take the bribe proposal.. the results of not accepting their proposal will be the media reporter will “cook” bad press for them. As we know Suk has up held his principle and integrity, he won’t take in such offer..so resulted in many bad press from those media reporters. Unfortunately, these bad press spread from Korea to other parts of the world and some netizens may choose to believe those news shared on various websites and resulted in some Korean or even overseas people having wrong impression of him… only his eels know him through the close communication with him like various Zikzin radio, FM/Concerts, dramas BTS, interviews.. After I know about the truth of the dark side of the Korean entertainment and media, I tend to ignore most of the bad press from Korea as most of the time as eels know the truth better in most cases ^_^ That is the reason why we love to hear from Suk Zikzin radio when he can share with us his thoughts and feeling.. and 2 way communication as well as eels can post and share their ideas with him too. I always believe to tell how sincere a person and the true character of a person, always observer how he or she work with people around him or her… not on the front stage or screen, but behind the scenes like this vid I’m sharing here… know how people around him feels about him.. that are the most testimonials of the person.. much more than any thing just written in static text on website as those could be manipulated or misunderstood…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFXdk7OYF2s&feature=share

      • I think for korean its hard to understand keun suk.they just need to know him to love him because he’s such a rare species.kkk..Unfortunately. .many of them dont try to understand him which may lead to hate towards him.yes..the bad reports speculated playing important role to this misjudgement. It make them thinks what they heard is the truth.so..thats why.his honest and confidence always mislead with rude and arrogant.they wont never understand him.thats why I really thankfull to korean eels who always stand still with him despite of many negative perception on him.they really are true and tough eels I might say because its like against the world to auport him throug these years.

  13. thank you for your reply ,I really hate those reporters but i m also glad that he has only true fans now ,he doesn’t have to have fans who hate him because of fake articles or his long hair etc he is also too high for those people’s standards i think,that’s why he has only true fans who always protect him and know him too much like you i m really proud of you eels and now i understand he has korean true fans too…he is the best actor and singer in asia he is not just pretty he has beautiful heart it is obvious for every eels because they know him ,he is the sun for everyone who know him that is the reason those people want to hide him and harm him but they can’t, because he is the shinystar and he knows his reason he has also true fans, i think those articles are all lies because he always take care for other people, thank you for the vidio watch this vidio too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY1eOrhXPSI ,sorry for my english

    • Maybe he dont have many fans as much as other stars but trust me keun suk has the most large number of true fans. I can guarantee about that. If most people like their star because of their look and talent..more than that..we love suk because of his heart. I think thats the case.his secret weapon which make us think we will support him forever.

      • SukaSukkie….. you’re right.. eels are special too to be able to see his inner beauty which many can’t see…don’t you think we should be proud of ourselves too ^_^

  14. Wow…thank you for the link to the vdos, QQeyes & JKS” eel :-). 2010 is already 4 years ago!!! Time sure flies fast. Fly high, Sukkie!


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