[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Haneda for TEAM H “Asia Progress ~from a-nation~”_20140813

Credits: chobittuj

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Credits: YU criJ

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4 thoughts on “[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Haneda for TEAM H “Asia Progress ~from a-nation~”_20140813”

  1. There are so many videos today, and several of them are very good. Thank you so much for sharing, Tenshi. 🙂 I like especially the first video. Love the music too. “Getting over” is one of my favorites from the album.

    BB looks really uncomfortable. He didn´t even speak with reporters.

      • Oh, it was about Makimura-san! Thank you! It seems like he has become celebrity in Japan because of Sukkie. 😉

        Still BB was little bit awkward this time. He put a hand over his mouth, some of people screamed BB, but he didn´ even look at them. Maybe he just had tootache, or something.

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