[fan-cam] JKS departs from Gimpo for TEAM H “Asia Progress ~from a-nation~”_20140813

UDATE: added more videos (Aug 14)

Credits: terubonbon28

Credits: bee_jks Instagaram

Credits: modup_dubom Instagram

Credits: angelnunhwa Instagram

8 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS departs from Gimpo for TEAM H “Asia Progress ~from a-nation~”_20140813”

  1. Thanks Bee for a glimps of my Sugar. His manner is still very much like a lovely boy. I still cannot imagine how he would look like at the age of 30s-40s.

    • Hi Sudie,

      I think Sukkie will age like red wine….the older, the better 🙂 Although he looks young for his age, you can see a glimpse of the 30 something JKS already, maybe because of his maturity. They say men look their best in their 30s….fully developed, more mature, masculine, manly, sexy 🙂 I think Sukkie in his 30s will be very interesting…physically, mentally, intellectually, professionally 🙂


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