14 thoughts on “[Video] Superman is back _ EP039 _ [HD] Jang Keun Suk (CUT)-장근석_20140810 (no-subbed)”

  1. Poor cut prince 🙁 his Attempts have came to nothing with the little Sarang , Unlike the mother Who barely try to hide His Enthusiasm. 😉
    Ah Sarang, Sarang! You have no idea what You have missed !! In 10 years you will regret this attitude and then It will be too late 🙂

    Note: Because of his clothes he filmed the program the same day he returned to seoul after BM fan meeting.


  2. Ooh, this is so cute and funny! Thank you Tenshi and Saad. 🙂

    Sarang wasn´t impressed with Sukkie, but it looks like her mammy is an eel. 😀 She is probably just shy. I didn´t watch this show before. Is Sarang always like this?

    • She’s a very cute girl but not easy to approach and the tv show is very famous in korea i never saw it before until i read about our jks then i did my research 😉 now i am into the 7th episode 🙂

      • Sukkie’s charm doesn’t work with children yet…kkkkk… you have to work hard, Prince. 😉 Is this the whole episode of his visit to them. I think if they had longer time, probably Sarang will like Sukkie too. Do you know where can we watch it with English sub, guys? Thank you Tenshi and Saad! 😉

      • Thank you, Malice. I can understand why people love the show. 🙂 But unfortunately, my family and friends are aleredy complaining because I am spending to much time on JKS-staff. I don´t think I have time for watch that too. LOL 😀

        I agree, Christine. Sukkie just needed a little longer time. No one can resist his charm. 😀

      • I have a same Minnie Mouse glass also, a friend who travelled in Japan gave it to me. I haven’t used it yet and just keep it on my shelf, but after seeing Sukkie using the same glass, I had the urge to use it now. Lol! Just saying. 😉

  3. Hi thanks alot dear Tenshi.i am sure jks can connect well with all but it seems he likes boys more, some kids when wakeup and saw home without their mom feels loneless and they wanna make her jealous specially she is a small girl! Notice to her father and mother reaction , her small heart thinks that jks wanna replaced with her as adear kid! The director of this show , should notice to her situation, any way at the end she undestood jks was a guest no thing else

  4. Super sweet, both my Sugar and the little girl. Aigoo, how the girl and the dog rejected him! My heart was melting watching this vid.

  5. JKS said that he spent 4 hours with her. Maybe there are some cute scenes we didn’t see because the director didn’t want to distract the viewers attention from the little kids, the big boy could steal the show!


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