[article] LIVE REPORT: 8/8 [FRI] Palm Tree Stage ~TEAM H~

Credits: MTV JAPAN ZUSHI FES 14 official website
Photo:Takahiro Yamaguchi
Text:Takahiro Oyama
English translation: tenshi_akuma

TEAM H had the honor of closing the first day of ZUSHI FES 14! At first, BIG BROTHER appeared on the stage and warmed up the audience with DJ performance. Then, Jang Keun Suk appeared. As soon as the audience saw JKS, A tremendously huge cheer arose from Palm Tree Stage. When they performed ‘Open the Door’, they Stirred the audience, saying “Clap your hands!” “Raise your voice!” That made their voltage reach a climax. JKS and BB looked happy to see their excitement, and they also jumped and performed fully. Palm Tree Stage became filled with excitement and a sense of unity that was suitable for the final stage. When they performed ‘Can’t Stop’, JKS danced sexily, which captured the hearts of the audience.

Shortly before sunset, TEAM H dance party became heating up. When they performed ‘Liquor shot’, a huge clapping arouse. When they perfomed ‘Rock and roll tonight’, JKS and BIG BROTHER showed an impressive ‘chase’ performance. JKS spoke to the audience, “Hello. We’re pushing 30, TEAM H” “Until when will you continue this party tonight?” And the audience replied loud. Their sexy and powerful performance suited a sunset stage.

The last song was ‘Take me’ released as a single in June. The two sang it, sitting in the center of the stage. At the end, JKS even laid down and sang it. After the performance, they left the stage, saying “Let’s have a drink” “Give me a beer”. Their stage was perfect for the finale of Palm Tree Stage.

Set list: (shared on twitter)
Open the door
Raining on the dance floor
Can’t Stop
What is your name?
Liquor shot
Do it on the speaker
Rock and roll tonight
As time goes by
Driving to the highway
Take me

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14 thoughts on “[article] LIVE REPORT: 8/8 [FRI] Palm Tree Stage ~TEAM H~”

  1. Ooh, Tenshi, you are just amazing! You are working night shift to update us! 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂

    It seems that both Team H and the audience had a great time. I so wish I could have been there. I love when Sukkie dances his Can´t stop- dance. And I would like to see them sitting on the stage, and singing Take me.

    I hope we can see it on YT soon.

  2. Ohhh my Godddd……I wanna to be with them…..I have never been in his concerts….it’s too bad for me….I’m too sad

  3. Wah
    They performed so many songs this year
    From YouTube last year they only performed
    2 songs
    Just hope will be able to see this year performance
    On the YouTube soon

  4. Thanks Tenshi for all this information loving it and so happy for TeamH successful concerts ,they are looking great


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