8 thoughts on “[Pic] Jang Keun Suk is working out hard”

  1. I hope there’s other person to accompany him in the gym room… oops

    oh wow new header… Cartoon-Suk is cute with the head towel trademark. And Suni is smiling yet the pig is missing… but it seems the image resc needs to be higher, sorry to say this.
    And please would you consider my old suggestion to make Header Page consists of list of past headers?

    note: I dont know where to comment abt the header so I put it here.

    • Looks like his baby ponyo is already back after 3 days of birthday celebration.
      But I’m ok with it – a little more of him to love

  2. Wow I’m very happy to see prince but I hope he agrees with pictures sharing by Areum Jung’s facebook…
    It’s like a new trend his “friends” and or “co-workers” sharing ramdon pics..
    Well as long if they know the boundaries..

    anyway our “lazy” prince is really working serious and hard.. can’t wait to see him in action at zuchi festival..Suk and his bro BB..yeah TEAM H

    Love the header admins 🙂

  3. I just love that he takes good care of himself. The series of concerts this coming month can be really exhausting. Eat well, plenty of exercises, enough sleep, less alcohol, and no smoking please. I don’t want to see him aging, or dying before me. I can’t do without him my Sugar Prince.


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