[2014-08-03] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Can’t remember what happened last night..
tenshi_akuma’s note: Look at the figure doll on the birthday cake! This cake was prepared by CRI-J and given to him at ZIKZIN Radio opening recording event on August 2nd. On the top, there was Suk doll and small eels. These eels are from LINE’s ‘Miss eel’ stickers from our sis Eve Yap’s design ^^ Her other art-works were displayed on the wall of JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition and unexpectedly her works were on the birthday cake! How wonderful!! If you haven’t checked her designed LINE stickers, please check this post. [News] Eve Yap’s cute eel stickers ‘Let’s meet Miss Eel’ for LINE users are now available!

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