5 thoughts on “[Video] NicoNico Live ‘ZIKZIN Radio in Seoul’_20140802 (no-subbed)”

  1. I don’t understand a word he said but I love his deep voice and he is always a joy to watch! I notice that the audience smiles non-stop….and I too smile silly while watching him without understanding a single word 🙂 It’s amazing how he can talk non-stop for 2 hours! Sukkie truly is a born entertainer…and a most handsome & charming one!

    Maybe one day a kind Korean eel will translate this vdo for us poor rainbow eels 🙂

    Happy 28th birthday, Sukkie! May God bless you with good health, good friendship, true love, happiness, and success in all that you do!

    Arigato, Tenshi 🙂

    • I hope that too. We have had the privilege of hearing ZZRadio with english subs since it started, so I truly hope that ECI team will translate this episode too. 🙂 We will wait patiently. 🙂

  2. Ooh, too bad we can´t see the part when Sukkie gets the ring from CriJ. Nico nico cut me off for about 10 minutes just when he got the cake and the presents. I hoped to see that on this video, but that part is missing again. 🙁

    Sukkie was really surprised when they turned off the lights, and started to sing “happy birhtday”. CriJ has done a great job with the photo exibition and the presents.

    I couldn´t understand much, but it was fun to watch it. The part when that girl examines Sukkies muscles was unexpected and hilarious. JKS is just the most charming person in the world.:)


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