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Vol.6 I’m active making an appeal to women… I use strategy when I’m in love!
Among questions that we invited before, we introduce episodes about Actor Jang Keun Suk this week, too! He talked about episodes whether business or personal such as his close costars, charms he finds in acting and so on.

As an actor, playing different roles is the number one charm.
―― I heard the schedule of shooting Korean dramas is quite tight. How do you maintain the focus and keep up your motivation? [kino-kino/in 20’s]

JKS: Before the shooting starts, I prepare for the character in detail, making the mind map of the character, building his characteristics, habits and mindset. After that, I finally start to read the script intensively. Before shooting scenes, I focus on the character and read the script over and over, but it doesn’t mean I make up the character beforehand. Rather, I like to adjust it interactively on the set, discussing with the director and costars. In addition, I think taking enough sleep is the most important for shooting Korean dramas.

―― Do you have anyone you’ve become friends with through your previous works? And please share your latest episode with them. [Misa/female in 20’s]

JKS: About Jung Yong-hwa, working with drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, he was a newcomer at that time. But without even noticing, he’s become a leader of CNBLUE and has starred in another drama. I’m proud of him as if I were his real brother. Another episode. The other day I happened to meet Park Shin-hye at airport. I was happy to see her after a while, and had a coffee together. I introduced my costars such as FTisland, CNBLUE and Park Shin-hye to BIG BROTHER and we’ve become friends now.

―― I think you’ve experienced a bit extraordinary romance in dramas. If you experienced in reality, which role you would like to play? Do you have any good ideas to make the romance more successful? [Riki/female in 30’s]

JKS: I think I’m active making an appeal to women. In dramas, I’ve played a role who didn’t express his love directly, as it is called, a hot-cold type about love, the person is initially cold but warm to his beloved girl secretly and shyly. In ‘Hwang Jin-i’ I played a very innocent and shy character, Eun Ho. But, in reality, I think I use strategy when I’m in love. I try to read her expression in eyes and pay attention to her in advance. I’d like to convince her to believe me, being together for a long time.

―― What attracts you most as being an actor? [Marippe/in 20’s]

JKS: When I play a character whose personality is originally difficult to understand but gradually I can play the role naturally in front of the camera, a strange feeling often occurs to me. I feel great when I build a fictional character. That is one of the charms, too. The moment I find a gap between my acting and real self through the screen, I get shocked, but, at the same time, that makes me feel great, too. To build up character well, it’s necessary to prepare and practice for a long time. It’s tough, but I think playing different characters and roles is the most attractive for an actor.

―― As an actor, do you have anything you keep in mind? [Yoshiko/in 40’s]

JKS: I always try not to lose my real self. I enjoy working both as an actor and a singer, but even for me, it’s sometimes hard to keep up motivation all the time. However, every time I get into such a situation, I talk to myself, “Try not to lose my real self. Appreciate everything.” And, I consider myself very happy because working on this project means I was given the great chance. The most important thing for me is move forward step by step, not losing my dream.

―― You said before that you would like to direct movies by yourself. What kind of works you want to make? [Tomopin/in 40’s]

JKS: I don’t have a specific plan about it. The reason why I told such a story before is I just want to convey my message from various points of view. In my idea, being a director is more useful to convey the world view because he can use many characters. On the other hand, an actor usually plays one character only. I think it’s meaningful to use all invisible factors such as camera angles, actors’ personalities and the director’s values. If I have a chance, I’d like to make a movie with my clear message as a director.

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  1. woah! reading his interview I have a feeling that his really have a biggest dreams of his life , he really love his works and always focus the things he wanted to do , on and off cam suk is real and I am happy to know that he don’t want to change the way he is , the real him ,hope he will reach what his truly heart desire 🙂 keep it up suk and all I can say to you let your wings spread wide in the sky even there are lots of enemies lies believe in yourself , don’t let them fall you down fly as high as you can cause we here just be with you even if you fall we will always catch you and never leave you behind 🙂

  2. Sukkie is really smart, wise, & mature in his thinking. I think he will go far one way or another.

    Be who you want to be , Sukkie. Soar higher than an eagle. The sky has no limit. Zikzin!

    Thank you, Tenshi!

  3. Suk has his dreams and passions and keeps making new ones; no matter how big or small..he will not allow himself to sell out on that..as he sees daily how others succumb and give up due to various reasons..
    Suk will remind himself to stay real; reflects on his life and the things he already achieved and things that came over him..he evaluates and knows he has to enjoy the moments
    I’m so proud of him; being a boss to so many people having to carry such responsibility and be able to stay real..dares to take a stand for the things he find worthy.. I’m twice his age and yet he taught me a lesson..he is a true and gifted inspirator


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