[article] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ summer festival ended successfully!

Original source: Koari.net
At Makuhari Messe, Chiba, there was an event for a drama ‘Beautiful Man’ in which Jang Keun Suk, IU and Lee Jang Woo appeared as lead characters. The event was called Beautiful Man summer festival ~Love is Beautiful~ LIVE&EXPO. The event was held for 2 days, from July 19th to 20th. There were 2 stages in a day, ‘Beautiful Story (afternoon stage)’ and ‘Love song (night stage)’. In addition, there were an expo area where we could experience the world of BM.

In ‘Beautiful Story’ stage, linked to the key concept of BM that Dokgo Ma Te learned wisdom through meeting women to become true beautiful man, Jang Keun Suk and Lee Jang Woo challenged against various missions given by the female costars. On the other hand, in ‘Love Song’ stage, the three actors replayed famous scenes of the drama directly in front of the audience, which moved the audience a lot. And during the singing session, there were special guest artists such as HISTORY and Jung Joon Young. They performed songs from drama OST as well as Jang Keun Suk, IU and Lee Jang Woo did.

tenshi_akuma’s note: These photos were taken in night stage on July 19th.

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  1. I still cant measure how big is Mr. Jang’s popularity in Japan, since I hvnt faced it with my own eyes. However, even non eels – not one or two but many of them – said that he is no joke extremely popular there. Knowing Team H latest album rank and the successful Beautiful Man events do prove his huge popularity, for me. Hope it will last long.

    I read somewhere that Yusuke, a male eel, was there, in this BM event, and what made me moved to tears was when Mr. Jang shook hand, hugged and said those sweet words to him on stage.

    It’s remarkable to know Mr. Jang to this extend. I was so late to get to know him closer but it’s better than never. He’s just one of a kind. Looking forward to experiencing his next projects.

    • Is it the same Yusuke he was in Agent JKS, Rham? I hope we can see that episode. It’s never too late for an eel to get to know how great Sukkie as a person, Rham. Take your time in knowing him, and you will neve regret it. kkkkk 🙂

      • Christine, a different person.
        Yusuke ゆすけ is a well-known Japanese male eel. According to twitter, during the afternoon stage on 19th, there was a mission to find out a beautiful man in the venue. Suk and Lee Jang-woo had to select the man. Yusuke was selected by Lee Jang-woo and Suk chose another guy, and they were invited to the stage. Yusuke was mistaken as a IU fan and got her hug. But when Yusuke was about to walk down from the stage, Suk approached him and gave him a handshake and hug, saying “I’ve wanted to see you, Yusuke-kun. I noticed you in crowd, but I though Lee Jang-woo would choose you, so I chose a different guy.” How sweet! <3 is there any star in the world like Sukkie???
        I just read this exchange from a Japanese eel's twitter who is a friend of Yusuke. I hope we can see this scene on Nico Nico Live!!!

        P.S. If you don't know him, don't know him, this is the first appearance and his meeting with Suk personally. It's about 2 years ago. After that, Suk sometimes tweeted about him or replied, even talked during Zikzin Radio.

      • Thanks for the information, Tenshi. At first I wondered how he recognized Yusuke, but then when I open the link you have posted, I realized that have played tennis before. That was so touching! Sukkie proves once again that he really cares for his eels. It was two years ago and for sure he is more popular now compared to the time they first met, but he still recognized his eel! He is really thoughtful and sweet. 😉 😉 😉 Btw Tenshi, I wonder who is “Kaori-chan” he played with? 😉

      • Christine, I don’t know who that Kaori-chan is. I’m a different Kaori chan 😉

      • As I thought so, Tenshi! Hahaha… I am planninh to go to Japan maybe late this year or early next year. I hope I can see you in person. Hehehe…. 😉

      • There is no one like Sukkie. He is so nice to his fans. We have actually seen that scene with Yusuke on nico nico. I´m so glad I read this before watching the show. Thank you, Tenshi.

        Yusuke was mentioned here before, but I didn´t know the whole history. And that tennis match two years ago was really unique. Suk is one and only. No wonder so many people love him. 🙂

    • rham; it is never too late to learn to know him, he is worth your every effort. Being an eel is not easy, just like how truth/realness in the world have difficulties to overcome.
      Just today I was watching his BTS from Team H “I just wanne have fun” DVD and was thinking that Jang Keun Suk can’t be categorised as a simply “great actor” “great singer” “hallyu star” or what labels there might be to beget…
      Jang Keun Suk = JANG KEUN SUK ; something on it’s own
      Sukkie is no follower but he is full of inspirations, talents, ideas and very capable to excute them..After I read an article what it takes (costs and efforts) to orginize a concert I really have respect for Sukkie and Tree-J for that matter.
      But Sukkie’s special charm is that he loves people and takes great interest to know them. He always looks attentively at people surrounding him and especially his eels and always acknowledges them when he remembers..and his memory is great 🙂

    • Tenshi, thank you for explaining to Christine. You hv saved me since I don’t know how to explain it perfectly. 🙂

      To All, I think I should come out now. I have to say that I don’t considered myself an eel although I’m like in this blog most of the time. I feel like a supporter but not enough to be called as EEL. I don’t really know other fandom behaviors but I sense most eels here are supportive, mature and wise in commenting so it’s comfortable enough for me to visit the blog continuously. Aside from Mr. Jang’s updates, that’s one of the reasons of keeping me here.

      I must say Mr. Jang is so magnetic. The more you know abt him, the more you curious abt him. He’s just lovable :). I might stop searching his updates one day but I would definitely wish him the best of luck in pursuing every dream, getting respect from his own countrymen openly, finding his future wife, being a great father, and being great example for others( as an entertainer and as a person).

      • Hi rham!

        I understand what you mean. I have the same feeling when I started to follow JKS few months ago. I never thought that I would come this far, though I haven’t personally attended or joined any of his events yet. But still, I considered my self as an EEl already. For me, being an EEL is not becoming a member of his official fanclubs, or any groups that show their support to him. I think, as long as we believe in him, know how great his personality is, recognize what he have done, and support him in our own way, then we can consider ourselves as an EEL. Right, Tenshi? Zoe? Amily? and others? 😉 Of course we might not be here always for him, or might not even have a chance to see him in person, but I believe that once an EEL, always an EEL! Hahahaha… 😀

        I am so thankful in this blog, Rham. jangkeunsukforever.com helped me a lot to know JKS more better. And I also feel comfortable in exchanging thoughts with the people here, that’s one of the reasons also why I continued to follow him. Not only thoughts about JKS, I also feel comfortable in saying how I feel in this blog. Sorry if that is being too much of me! 😉 Anyways, I hope you will enjoy your time in knowing him more and be more inspired by him! I have said so much now! Lol!

      • Yeah Christine, that’s about it. Eel or no eel; just a name, just for expression
        Sukkie is one who is and always will be thankful to know he was able to make you happy at one time, the happiest if you have learn something allong the way…not from him but inspired by the ones surrounding us or gathering in his name..be it from this blog or any other medium.
        Sukkie is always trying to reach out as a human but also as an artist and if he learned something on the way, ready to share freely.
        One thing I’ve learned from him is to live and do things without regrets..from my eel friends I have learn it’s OK to be passionate about things and there is no wrong in doing so…we always have a good times
        Thinking about these lessons eventhough I’ve learn them later in live makes me not regretting a lot of things…let go of a lot of burdens from the past 50 years and have joy in my life again.
        I dare say eels are more “mature” if not in age certainly in thinking/behaviour..that’s why I love to come in this pond. Eels are very kind to each other just like master eel 🙂

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