[2014-07-17] TEAM H 5 days talk Part4

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English translation: tenshi_akuma

You’ll see TEAM H’s new side from their latest album included a song that expresses an urge to get away from daily routine and so on!
Part.04 Comments on all the tracks. ‘Getting over’ ‘Still working’ ‘Take me (Japanese ver.)’ ‘Driving to the highway’

TEAM H released a single that has a bit different tastes from their previous works, which has injected some fresh air into TEAM H activities by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER. hat kind of view of the world the album ‘Driving to the highway’ has? We’re going to offer comments on all the tracks!

Humaneness, nature and warmth… such things are highlighted. A new type of TEAM H songs.

── The 4th number is an aggressive song, ‘Getting over’ that is a synthesis of dance music and rock.

BIG BROTHER: For example, Papa Roach and Linkin Park… When I was in my late teenage years, I listened to such bands’ music a lot, which belongs to a genre of new-metal. I think this song was affected by these music.
JKS: The hook line is heavy but liberating. I think that’s very BIG BROTHER.
BIG BROTHER: This is full of urges in my early years.

── And ‘Still working’. The introduction in which the same melody is repeated 3 times is impressive.

JKS: The part was just copied and pasted. Lol.
BIG BROTHER: No way. We did sing each melody. Lol. 

── In the lyrics, there are words like ‘mixing’ and ‘mastering’. Does this describe your state of recording?

BIG BROTHER: Right. I described our reality such as we want to get away from repetitive work, but we can’t. And I don’t mean the recording work only. For example, in Keun Suk’s case, he has repetitive work such s shooting movies and dramas. For office workers, it might be everyday commuting. In that sense, I think everyone is feeling alike.


── And the following number is ‘Take me (Japanese ver.)’ that was released as a single in advance.

JKS: Humaneness, nature and warmth… such things are highlighted. This is a new type of TEAM H songs.
BIG BROTHER: Very refreshing.
JKS: Green. Forests. Mountains… I have an image that we perform at music festivals in such places.

── The 7th song is the title song, ‘Driving to the highway’. I think this number has something similar to ‘Take me’.

JKS: Yes. This number also has something you can feel nature and freedom.
BIG BROTHER: This is a collaborative work with a musician friend ‘1K’. The first trigger to make this song is when I heard his chord with an acoustic guitar. Then, I put melodies on it and added electronic arrangements.
JKS: Around 4 guys are getting on a pickup truck and driving on a shore road. When I heard this song, such an image popped into my head. So I wish we could film such MV in Hawaii. Lol.

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  1. I have liked “Getting over”, and “Driving to…” from the first time i heard them. I wasn´t sure about “Still working” at first, but I love it now. It sounds better and better the more I listen to it.

    Thank you for your translation, Tenshi. 🙂 Sukkie has a busy schedule this weekend. I´m looking forward to hear more about that. 🙂

  2. Zoe, you already got yours?!!! Congrats! I probably have to wait another week. Enjoy Sukkie 🙂

    Tenshi, millions of thanks!

    Sukkie, keep up the good work! Zikzin & good luck in all you do!

    • Thanks, Amyli! I have already watched “Making raining on the dance floor MV” and “CD cover shooting on Jeju” several times. Sukkie talks on korean, and subs are japanese, but I´m still very happy. LOL 😀

      I hope your album will arrive soon. 🙂

      • Yea, I was gonna wait for the English sub edition but that would be waiting too long, so mine will be Japanese sub just like yours 🙂

        Maybe we rainbow eels should take Korean lessons, that way we would understand Sukkie without waiting for the English translation 🙂

        Enjoy Sukkie & summer!

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