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Vol.3 What is the difference between actor and artist? We asked Keun-chan directly
In vol. 3, Keun-chan answered some questions that we invited before!! This time he mainly talked about his music activities and answered the differences between actor and artist, plus TEAM H and solo activity. You’ll see his another side as an artist!!

Actor and artist are alike in that I express my feelings through the work.
――When was the hardest time for you while making this album? [Mama-chan with give kids/woman in 40’s]

JKS: Needless to say, it was hard to write up the songs. But, furthermore, it was much harder to record them in Japanese and Chinese. Especially I was careful about how to pronounce the lyrics. I tried to pronounce them more natural not to make native listeners feel strange when hearing the song.
――Is there any differences between being an actor and an artist? Are you trying to make a difference intentionally? [Hatchan★/woman in 20’s]

JKS: Actor and artist are alike in that I express my feelings through the work. Actors express their feelings in dramas or movie. On the other hand, artists express their feelings through music. If there is a difference, I think artists get faster feedback from the audience because they are the one in concerts. On the other hand, it takes more time to get the feedback after actors play roles in dramas or movies. But I’m sure each has a different charm.
――How do your learn Japanese lyrics? [fumi/woman in 50’s]

JKS: I have no problem with that because I’m good at Japanese. But Kurt (BIG BROTHER) is always struggling… Lol.
――Please tell us the difference or obsessiveness between your solo activity as an artist Jang Keun Suk and TEAM H. [Ah-chan/woman in 20’s]

JKS: I’d like to show my color only in a solo activity as Jang Keun SUk. On the other hand, I’m working with reliable Kurt in TEAM H activity. Having a relaible friend next to me is a great help to be my natural self fully. Lol. And TEAM H’s motto in activities is to have fun on the stage and do what we want to do. On the other hand, when I do a solo activity, I’m trying to show a singer Jang Keun Suk, so that makes me feel pressure and more serious. I’m trying carefully to make a difference between TEAM H and Jang Keun Suk.
――Do you have any challenge as an artist? What is that? [Megu/woman in 30’s]

JKS: Every time we release TEAM H album, I feel as if it’s the final chance. Can we release the next CD again…? If I could have a wish come true, I would like to release the next CD, too. Please help me. Lol.

‘Raining on the dance floor’ (Original version)

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  1. thank you so much dear Tenshi for translating and sharing this article!
    I am so proud of our Prince – always wanting to just show his true self in all his craft and works!
    Yes please continue to release Team H albums as long as you are still happy doing it! All of us eels will continue to support you and party hard with you! Team H fightin’! ^^

  2. Thank you, Tenshi! So many posts today! And I have finally got my “Take me” CD/DVD after almost 3 weeks waiting. Making “Take me” MV is a real treat.

    Sukkie is humble. Of, course that he can release all CDs he wants to release. He is creative and talented, and amazing at everything he does. 🙂

  3. O..yes we want more Team H music.. a lot of eels like to see you sing, have fun and in party mood together with your best friend and we love to party with you too..
    I love Team H music..so keep them coming


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