11 thoughts on “[Pics] TEAM H (Jang Keun Suk & BIG BROTHER) Photo Gallery”

  1. This week has been as crazy as hell for me! But looking on this photos makes me feel a little better. Thanks to Prince Sukkie for helping me released my stress. And of course, million thanks to Tenshi for uploading this pictures. 🙂

    • I hope that things goes better now, Christine! 🙂 I get in a good mood every time I think about Sukkie. 😉 I really love those pictures from CD- recording. Så handsome without any make up! Thank you, Tenshi! Visiting Jks forever make my day always better. 😉

      • Thank you Zoe! Things are getting better now. How was your vacation? Hope you had a good time. Maybe doesn’t know but he’s such an inspiration to each of us. 🙂

      • I’m glad to hear that things goes better, Christine. 🙂 I’m still on my vacation, have really bad internet connection, but still try to check JKS forever every day. A little bit addicted, you know. 😉 Have a nIce Sukkie weekend! 😀

  2. I love WTK´s eyebrows and the million dollar forehead!Yes, ma prince , everything is ok, especially after these pics. Have fun and Zikzin!
    Thanks Thensi.

  3. I love to see prince at work..how he gives his heart..his all to his craft..and so very proud to present it to us
    he and BB good team…

    Thanks Tenshi

  4. I just love this series of photos, thanks a lot Tenshi. Anyway, seeing the Prince showing his V finger sign on both hands reminded me of the rules I learned from my British friends NOT to SHOW the V SIGN with the PALM FACING inward. for The British it is very rude and insulting. My Sugar please show the V Sign with the palm facing outward to the audience, please next time.

    However, it is sooo funny seeing him with this very rude signs, kkkkkkk


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