11 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS in ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ vol.5”

  1. thank you for sharing these dear Tenshi!!
    aigoo my heart! how to breathe with shots like these?!! thank you to High Cut for such amazing stills!
    thay lying down spread!! omg!! no words..

  2. This boy really ages well..not that his lips got fuller or his eyes bigger or what not like many off showbizz stars…..
    he just doesn’t seem to age…how he looks 10, even 20 years ago is exactly how he looks today…such natural beauty…
    his youthfulness comes from his heart and soul
    I totally loves the pic he bites his glasses…so archly 😀

  3. Ooh, so beautiful in every picture! My favorite is the 11th picture, JKS in a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. His eyes are so expressful, and he looks vulnerable. I love it.♥

    Thank you, Tenshi.:)

  4. Thanks for uploaded all this pics,thank you GOD for creating this beautiful young man love you forever my PrinceJKS

  5. Our Prince is always surprising! When you think more and better can not, he comes and demolishes any conviction … These pictures are amazing! He is simply adorable! Thanks for sharing this, dear Tenshi! 🙂


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