[article] Jang Keun Suk came to the shooting site by motorbike! Unused cover photo & BTS story

Credits: Woman Insight
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Four more days until July 1st, the release day of ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ vol.5!
Well, last time I begged the editorial department of ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ to sniff out the towel used by Jang Keun Suk for the cover shooting, but we ‘Woman Insight’ staff keeps asking them.

We happened to hear that they vacillated between two photos which to use for the cover from beginning to end. That means there is another cover photo that was not used for the final cover?

“Please show me the unused cover photo!”

I begged the editorial department of ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ to show the veiled cover photo, and I made it!

For comparison, I took a photo in front of a big poster of the official cover photo.

The actual cover photo in which JKS is drying wet hair with a towel with a great smile is needless to say cute, but this photo in which he is sitting cross-legged against a surfing board is also very nice. That shows his ineffable charms very well. It certainly must be hard to choose the official cover photo up to the last minute…

Besides, I secretly asked the chief editor of ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ about the BTS story on shooting.

She said, “On the day of shooting, Keun-chan came to the shooting studio, riding a big motorbike alone, not by car of his manager. It was so amazingly cool…” Just imagining the scene turns me on!

In ‘HIGH CUT Japan’ vol.5, there are various types of his charms such as sexy Keun-chan, innocent and cute Keun-chan, a bit sentimental Keun-chan and so on. It’s a must-read for his fans. I’m sure the contents should kept permanently. I was lucky to see the contents a little before you. In my opinion, the photo that Keun-chan’s ○○○ (it’s a secret until the release day❤) is seen is particularly great, and it’s worth making it as a big poster..!

Please wait for a while until the release day, July 1st!

Written by Goto Kaori

6 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk came to the shooting site by motorbike! Unused cover photo & BTS story”

  1. i think I want to be friends with this writer Goto Kaori kkk! she is so fun and I feel she represented the eels well in this article- with professionalism still! kkk!
    thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi- now I feel like like wanting to get the mag too! ^^

  2. Oh, I like the other cover photo very much. I´m actually not sure which of them I like best. And Sukkie on the motorbike driving through Tokyo!! It just puts images in my mind. LOL 😀

    Thank you, Tenshi! 🙂 It seems that Sukkie has made deep impression on them too. He always does it. 🙂


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